Artistic Ways To Decorate The Wall Of Your House: Interesting Do It Yourself Ideas For Wall Art 2021

I am quite an avid follower of Linda Merrill’s post when it comes to the wall art ideas. Recently, I visited, where Linda regularly posts interesting content, and witnessed a very informative post of Do It Yourself wall art ideas.

The post rightly says that the most economical way to add the artwork to your home is to do it on your own. It guides about referring to the internet as we can get a huge stock of interesting ideas that we can personalize as per specific requirements. Linda has listed some inspiring DIY wall art ideas in the post and I really liked it.

Negative Space Wall Art

The first idea was named Negative Space Wall Art. This is quite easy to prepare as one can easily find the vinyl alphabet letters at hardware or craft stores. You also need to grab a poster or a painting and if you want, you can also run brushes on a canvas.

The blog mentions “Plot out the placement of the letters to spell out your phrase and apply the vinyl letters to your background piece of art.” It means you have to decide on a word/phrase that you would like to place on the canvas. Then paste the vinyl letters accordingly on the canvas. When you are done with it, you have to paint over the entire canvas and let it dry. When it is dry, pull off the vinyl letters and the underlying art will be displayed.

Small Snippets

Another blog named A Small Snippet is the next DIY wall art mentioned over there.  By using new paint you have to prepare an old frame and after that, you need to measure the inside area. The blog advises to opt for a song lyric or a phrase and type it using Photoshop or a similar program so that you can create one text box per word. Now, the blog advises 2-3 font sizes and fonts for laying out the lyric or phrase in a preferred manner. However, the measurement of the frame and page size should match. Now, you need to print out the document by using the help of a local printing store. After receiving it, you will like it a lot. I tried it personally and the result is fantastic.

Inspiration From Alphabets

“Sometimes, inspiration comes from the building blocks of our language, the ABCs themselves “. The blog also mentions the inspiration from alphabets and how we can use them for easy and attractive DIY wall art.

It instructs to collect every alphabet letter in different shapes and sizes. These are easily available hardware or supply stores that sell decorative items. The blog informs to be creative with the application of letters such as using a ruler for “I” or a button for “O” to give shape. The letters of “W”, “M”, “N” and “Z” are not changeable though.

This idea allows you to drive your creativity to a great extent. You can decoupage some letters or can even paint them. Now assemble all the letters and lay them according to the available space, as per your choice. Now get some picture hanging strips that are movable and hang the letters. I really loved these ideas.

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