DIY Home Brewing Beer: Where To Start? Set Up Kit & Supplies For Newbies (Don’t Lose Time While Lockdown) 2021

Before you get oriented to what home brewing is all about, it’s easy to think it is a process that is set in stone and there is only one right way to do it. And the brewing and fermenting process indeed have some steps that must be followed with some discipline if you wish to enjoy a great homemade beer. But one of the reasons that home brewing is such a passion for many people who enjoy this way of making beer is that there as so many varieties of recipes and styles of making.

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✅ Best Beer Brewing Machine

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✅ Best Coopers DIY Beer Home Brewing Kit

A great intro to brewing! – This is a great kit for people wanting to learn the basics and/or are low on space. If you’re a beginner, Coopers kits can definitely teach you the fundamentals of brewing, and they were a great launching pad! The actual Coopers kits are decent, and they are easily modified and made better, as there are a variety of recipes on Cooper’s forums and elsewhere. If you get into other types of kits or formulating your own recipes, the fermenter and other DIY equipment will still work great.

Your First Approach To Beer Brewing

You can easily get a feel for what a huge variety there is in ways to brew beer and in recipes for ingredients when you visit your local beer supplies retailer, go to home brewing websites, or sit in at home brewing club meetings in town. And the great thing about the social side of the homebrewing culture is that you will come home with a notebook full of ideas of things you can try on upcoming batches of beer. The odds are you will have months of ideas to try out and you may never run out of new approaches, blends, and recipes to try to make your homemade beer interesting and tasty for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Where To Start: Get A Home Brewing Kit/Machine

For that first-time home brewing recruit, one of the best ways to help him have the fun of making beer at home without so much investment and mess that will come in due time is to go with a home brewing kit or machine. Beer-making machines take all of the thinking and planning and risk out of trying out home brewing to see if you want to invest in a full setup. The machine comes with a full set of ingredients for one batch of beer and the equipment is automated so the novice home brewer can make the beer and move it through the fermentation and aging process and know the fun of having real homemade beer weeks later.

Similarly kits simply the process of buying and using the equipment and ingredients to get started in home brewing. Unlike the beer-making machine which is used once and discarded, the beer maker’s kit gives you the basic equipment which will be the beginning of your collection of the tools of a beer maker to be used over and over many times. But the kit provides the ingredients and the instructions to make the process of learning to make your beer easy and fun to learn.

Even for seasoned home beer makers, there are variations on the home brewing method that will give you more flexibility and a range of choices that will affect how unique your beer will be. But each may have a greater investment of work and effort to use effectively so it’s worth getting familiar with them in advance so you know your investment of time and effort and what you might expect with a new brewing method.

The Extract Methods

Probably the most common brewing method most amateur brewer’s use and the one that is taught in most home brewing guides is the extract method. And even though it is well known, because you are truly brewing beer yourself as opposed to using a kit or a machine, you can alter the consistencies and flavors of your beer and get a wonderful brew each time you use this approach.

You can settle on the extract method for a long time or perhaps use it exclusively for your brewing career and get great beers with it every time. But if you want a greater challenge and the possibility for even more unique beers as a result, you can explore the Mini-Mash method and the Full Mash Brew styles of home brewing. Each is more complex and takes longer to finish the brewing process. But they also give you a lot of flexibility and even more ability to make your beer unique and distinctive.

It’s up to you where to start in your beer brewing hobby and the paths you take. You can explore new approaches through networking with other brewers. But you will never get bored brewing beer at home because the variety of methods and ingredients are virtually limitless.

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