DIY Home Improvement Project During Covid 2021: Embracing Appliqués On Fabrics With Easy Procedure And Decorative Outcome

Fabric wall art is most appropriate for interior decorations. You can use it to display an array of your own personal designs since with this type of wall art and decor you can easily customize it. Decorating your premises is simply a combination of creativity and comes to the addition of your personal taste. The best thing about fabric wall art is that it is cheap therefore you can make changes to the appearance of the premises if at all you feel the design doesn’t work for you. It is appropriate for decorating kid’s rooms where you can personalize the decorations and is affordable means of keeping up with the ever-changing kid’s personal tastes. Modern canvas wall decor will make your children interested and who knows – maybe it will wake up their own creativity.

Getting Ideas For Fabric Wall Art

Identifying the atmosphere you intend to create is the first step to getting ideas for your fabric wall art. You can use your creativity to implement the idea or look for tips online or in interior design magazines. Stores that usually sell wall art are a great place to start looking since they display all sorts of exciting ways you can decorate your premises using wall art and decor. You can get modern canvas wall stickers that will look unusual and will surprise your guests or modern canvas wall sculptures for a big elegant sitting room or hall – use your imagination to create the unique face of your house.

The other place to source for ideas should be other people’s premises. You might visit your friend’s home and office and the decoration wall art and decor they have is astounding. You can borrow these ideas, and personalize them to come up with your own unique style.

Ideas For Creating Your Own Fabric Wall Art

You can create fabric wall art with fabric of any size, texture, or color to come up with amazing customized art pieces. One of the ways you can create fabric wall art is by painting on the fabric. There is a wide range of themes you can choose that will perfectly work for you and based on the idea paint a tuning piece of art that you can use as your wall art and decor.

Embroidery is another approach you can use to create your own fabric wall art. You can use threads of various colors and sizes to create a really spectacular piece of art. You can have a collection of beautiful pictures that you can embroider together to bring out a really unique piece of art.

The other amazing way to create fabric wall art and decor is by looking for rags with interesting patterns and designs and mount them on a frame. This is the simplest way of creating fabric art for your home and yet you can result with a really interesting piece of art. Modern canvas wall decals are another way of decoration that can be on purpose. Never be afraid of experiments and for sure you will make your house really original.

Tools You Need

  • A 3-4 yard of fabric (here the fabric depicts multiple circles of aqua and brown colors, ideal to set in appliqué flowers over them. The flowers can be of different sizes and colors, as they are to be placed over the circles and the circles vary in colors and shapes as well.)
  • A suitable frame or canvas, adjustable according to the size of your cloth
  • Scissors for shaping the fabric
  • Staple gun
  • Hard glue gun
  • Glues sticks
  • Silk appliqué flowers
  • Measuring tape


Now, shape the piece of fabric in a definite size to that of the canvas you have; place the fabric over the canvas and staple its edges to the frame. (Fold the edges; staple it to the frame as shown in the video).

The staple and folding should be tight and smooth, with no distractions over the body.

Stick the silk flower appliqués with the help of a hard glue gun (Stick the silk flowers on the circles; the flowers should get along with the flow of the circles, concerning the colors and sizes. You can use both matching and contrasting shades, depending upon your choice).

Now, your canvas is ready and you can utilize it as a sophisticated and decorative material in your room. The project is funny and interesting without any hassling tasks to be performed, as well as less time-consuming.

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