Hat Shaped Silhouettes To Make Your Wall Go Crazy: Easy Handcrafts To Upgrade Your Home In 2021

If you want to make a hat-shaped silhouette on your own you can do this by observing this simple formula. Here we have explained the whole process in detail to help you make one.

Things Needed

1. 4 frames ( preferably picture frames)
2. One stick of glue
3. Scissors
4. One big piece of black paper
5. White paper, printer, and computer
6. Patterned wallpaper or scrapbook papers
7. 4 patterns
8. One pencil

How To Make It?

  1. At first you have to print almost 2- 3 of each of the hat patterns. However, to so you have downloaded the patterns of the hats first. You can re-size the hats according to your choice so that it fits your size of picture frame perfectly.
  2. On one sheet you have to cut out the hat and on another sheet you have to cut the stand.
  3. Then you have to place your favorite pattern of a hat on the top of the decorative paper and have to cut the both pieces of the papers together. However, you want to get the write shape to use small scissors as without small scissors, a few intricate cuts are impossible.
  4. At first you have to cut the out side of the hat and then gradually the bow or band (whatever you like) and at last the inner position of the hat. At the same time you have to cut the hat stand using the blackpaper. There are 2 reasons that you should cut the entire of the hat as a single piece. First it wit will be easy to get all the pieces when you assemble them at the end, then it gives your creation the expected 3 dimensional look.
  5. You must be sure of the fact that the paper you are using is not of busy short and it doesn’t pose more contrasts.
  6. Then you have to glue the entire piece together. If you are not being able to do it, you can refer to the third printout for help. Apply glue only at the top part.
  7. Trace the pieces of cardboard baking of every frame on the paper that you have used as background and then cut out.
  8. Now insert the paper hat and the decorative paper on the picture frame and reassemble the frames and clean the glass also.
  9. Now using a trimmed thread hang the frame on the wall.

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