How To Bring More ‘Life’ To Your Living Room?

Does your living room feel a little dull these days? Not sure how to bring it to life? We are here to give you a few ideas so you can give your living room that bit of ‘life’ that it’s been missing. No matter your personality, the theme and colors of your home, or how much money you have to spare, we are sure these simple tips will get your creative juices flowing and help you fall in love with your living room all over again. The last thing you want to feel is ‘dull’ when you are in your home. Your home should be a place that you can relax, and be happy to spend your time.

Keep Your Family Close

Your living room is the main place in your home that guests will spend their time. This is a great opportunity for you to show off your family. Keep your family photos, accomplishments, and items you’ve purchased on vacations or picked up from important events in view so you can relive the moments every single day and be reminded of all the great times that have happened as well as keep you excited for future events.

Share Your Interests

Your living room is one of the most important locations in your home and since you are going to spend a large amount of your free time there, you should enjoy the view. Have colors around that lighten your mood. Even doing something as simple as adding wallpaper or repainting the room or even adding an accent wall art can make the world of a difference. Collect knickknacks? Display them here for everyone, including you, to enjoy.

Add A Bit Of Color

If your living room is feeling a bit dull these days, you may want to consider adding a bit of color. Maybe you want to add some flowers or plants (either real or fake), or taking a colorful item from another room in your home such as a nice clock, to change the vibe of the room. Check out local garage sales or discount shops and you might just find something beautiful that has your name all over it.

Experiment With Textures

Have fun with a variety of textures. This can come in the form of a new chair, pillow or rug. It’s fun to test different textures and styles with one another. Sometimes adding something that you don’t think ‘matches’ the room can bring your whole area to life; adding that missing piece of personality that you’ve been looking for. The most important thing to have in mind when making changes to your home is that it’s all about you. If you like it, that’s all that matters because you are going to be the one spending the most time there.

Mix Things Up

Even if you do not have it in your current budget to purchase new items for your living room, you would be surprised by the impact simply moving your furniture around can do. It’s easy to get bored when you come home each day and everything looks the same. Moving things around at least once or twice a year can make you feel as though you have a whole new home. You never know, you may find that you like the new setup much more than the ones you’ve had before.

Fun Lighting Ideas

Whether you feel your living room offers enough lighting or not, there are ways to make your lighting experience that much better. Many people these days are trading in typical lighting for dimmers. Dimmers allow you to get the perfect amount of light for every occasion and are very simple and cheap to install.

Something as simple as changing your lampshade to better flow with the room or swapping it out for a more stylish lamp can dramatically change the overall vibe of your living room and allow you to enjoy your space that much more. Walking into your living room and being excited about the environment is always a fantastic feeling.

You Don’t Have To Go All Out

While change can be intimidating, it’s really not as tough as you may think. Shopping around and brainstorming beforehand is the best way to get the most out of your options. If you’re nervous about making changes, start off by making subtle alterations that are easily reversible such as moving things around. From there, think about the areas of your living room that you like the most (and/or use the most) and what aspects you like the least (or use the least). From there, you can find ways to make changes that you are going to be the happiest with while also saving yourself the most money.

5 Innovative Samples To Give Your Living Room A Gorgeous Makeover

Innovation is capable of turning heads, and this stands true for the living area of a home as well. Innovative Wall Art ideas coupled with a little imagination and inspiration can make a big difference in the way your living room appears. Innovative ideas are not always expensive and hard to implement. It simply calls for thinking differently and trying something new with what you already have. Take a look at the list of Top 5 Innovative Wall Art ideas, which can give your living area a complete makeover.

Simple Accessories

Frames and paintings are not the only wall art pieces for beautifying your living room walls, as simple accessories sometimes work wonders. Here creative and inexpensive accessories like hand-woven bowls and faux animal heads are combined with frames to cover the wall. The loud background paint creates a nice contrast with the accessories.

Art Collection

Displaying a unique art collection on the wall can give a very different feel, as it is shown in the image. African art pieces are displayed on the wall with proper lighting fixtures to illuminate the pieces. This is a creative way of displaying your prized possessions.

Music-Themed Wall

The music theme is another innovative way of accentuating the walls of your living rooms. These kinds of accent pieces are fabricated out of iron, aluminum, or wood. Iron and aluminum pieces work well with contemporary living rooms and wood goes well with traditional settings. These help in representing the love for music and style of the homeowner as well.

Branches And Driftwood

As far as Innovative Wall Art ideas are concerned, the piece shown in the image displays how one can use their imagination to create an exceptional wall art piece. Branches and driftwood are arranged in an artistic way to appear like a wall hanging or painting. Such kind of wall art pieces costs almost nothing.

Porcelain Crockery And Plates

Bring out your old porcelain crockery and plates and hang them on the wall in place of frames or pictures. Here, bright colored plates and sets are displayed on a subtle background. Experiment with the ways of arranging the plates and try a different look by contrasting light-colored crockery alongside a dark backdrop.

There is a huge scope to experiment with several creative wall art ideas to enhance the décor of your living area, without making a hole in your pocket. Take inspiration from nature or try out new ideas by making wall art pieces with things available in your home.

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