How To Decorate Your Cooking Place? Top 10 Kitchen Wall Art Ideas In 2021

The kitchen is not just about cooking in modern homes. In fact, it has turned into an attractive area, thanks to the various wall art ideas that can turn a kitchen into the most creative area of the home. The kitchen calls for exquisite wall art, which can inspire the cook and should reflect individual taste as well. There is a huge array of kitchen wall art pieces, starting from traditional country designs, cuisine, and meal designs to contemporary pieces. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen sometime soon, then check out the Top 10 kitchen wall art ideas, which can turn your dream kitchen into reality.

Tiles With Vegetable Design

One of the easiest and best kitchen wall art ideas includes hanging tiles with vegetable and fruit designs. This renders a very natural look and is easily customizable as well.


Quotes can be great for kitchen walls, as kitchens are designed to bring together the entire family. If you are looking for an affordable option to decorate your kitchen wall, then vinyl wall quotes are one of the best options. One can even design their very own quote to express their personality and love for food. 

Sleek Silhouettes

For a country-style kitchen, sleek silhouettes are the right pick. One can even execute such wall art designs themselves by cutting silhouettes of cooking utensils and then pasting them on pages from old cookbooks to give a traditional country look. Correct framing is the key to make this wall art piece magical for your kitchen.

Chalkboard Art Piece

If you are searching for a kitchen wall art piece, which works for a contemporary kitchen as well as in a traditional setting, then this piece manufactured with chalkboard material can be the right fit.

Go Green

Those, who are going green, can try the same with their kitchen walls. This can be done with a huge green sticker image for your kitchen like the one shown beneath. You can try other stickers to match your kitchen decor.


Wallpapers never go out of style, and this time you can create magic by choosing suitable wallpaper for your kitchen walls. Wallpapers are a great way of adding some character to your kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Wall Art

If you are looking forward to an amazing DIY kitchen wall art, then this piece can be a perfect choice. This is a fun kitchen wall art with silverware straight from your kitchen cupboard. All it needs is a little creativity and some time to complete such challenging wall art projects.

Plates & Bowls

Get the vintage look with a simple DIY kitchen wall art piece. You can turn plates and bowls into beautiful wall art by adding little detailing to them. Take an idea from the one shown in the example below.

Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art can work equally well for the kitchen. Try making one yourself with bright colors for a better impact. Bright canvas art pieces look better on a white background of modern kitchens, as seen in the picture.

Quirky Kitchen

Now, it is time for those, who wish to introduce a fun element into their kitchen. If you thought kitchens could not be quirky, then look at this wall art. Explore similar artworks to find one that matches your kitchen’s color.

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