How To Make A Beautiful Starburst Mirror On Your Own In 13 Steps? Beginner-friendly DIY Craft In 2021

Most people like to make creative things at home. The starburst mirror is one such item that you will love to make in your spare time. You must have the essential raw materials with you to start the project, such as lkea plant guide, wooden skewers, and wooden plant markers. There are a few things, which you will require as supplies and they are given below:

The Essential Supplies

  1. A plant guide named Ikea Bjuron.
  2. Wooden plant markers. Quantity: 2 dozen Size: 5-inch. ( You can buy them at nurseries)
  3. Wooden plant markers Quantity: 2 dozen Size: 5-3/4-inch. ( You can buy them at nurseries)
  4. Wooden skewers that have two flat sides. Quantity: 2 dozen.
  5. A round mirror: Size: 7 inch.
  6. You will need a can of silver spray paint
  7. Glue meant for wood work.
  8. A small box of wooden tooth pick
  9. A picture hanger: sawtooth one.
  10. You will need Con-Tact paper in a color of your choice.
  11. A drop cloth/ newspaper is required.
  12. One paper towel
  13. You will need books. They have to be of the same thickness as the plant glide

The Tools Need

  1. A hammer and  few nails
  2. A  paint brush preferably soft sponge
  3. A pair of good scissors
  4. Sharp wire cutters
  5. A pencil and a ruler
  6. A fine sand paper along with a sanding block.
  7. Lastly, a tack cloth

Let us learn how to make a starburst mirror now. It can be very interesting.


  1. Roll out the Con-Tact paper and trace out the mirror on it. Make a circle and then cut it. Then peel the backing of the Con-Tact paper. Stick it to the front of the mirror as it will be protected from the paint you spray later.
  2. In the second step, you have to glue the mirror to the plant glide. You will have to stick it at the center. It should be 2-1/4 away from the edges. Keep it in the sun so that the glue dries.
  3. In the next step, you will have to use the wire cutters. Take the flat end of the skewers and cut about two inches off. This way each skewer will be about eight inches long.
  4. The rough edges of the skewers and the plant markers need to be smoothened with sandpaper. Use a tack cloth and wipe off the dust.
  5. Try and design a pattern around the mirror. The books will help you to make a prop for the plant markers and skewers.
  6. Then you need to remove the plant markers and the skewer one by one. Apply glue to them about two inches at the bottom. Take a paintbrush and spread the glue. You need to stick the piece back onto the mirror. Stick all the skewers and the plant markers. The starbursts must point outwards away from the mirror. Gradually, you need to pull the books away.
  7. Use a toothpick and remove any excess glue that may be there between the pieces by scraping.
  8. Stick the plant markers on the flip side of the mirror when the glue is dry. Space the skewers and the plant markers evenly on the opposite side too and apply the glue to them in the same manner as in Step 6.
  9. Let the pieces that have been glued, dry for an hour. If you wish to give a random feel to the pattern, the pieces need not be perfectly symmetrical. Then spray several coats of paint on the mirror so that the surface is painted entirely.  Give 15 minutes for each coat to dry.
  10. With a nail and a hammer put a sawtooth picture hanger on the reverse of the mirror.
  11. Finish off the mirror with many coatings of paint, ensuring that the entire space is covered, and then again leave to dry for about 15 minutes.
  12. You can peel off the Con-Tact paper after the paint is completely dry.
  13. Your mirror is complete and you can hang it after putting a nail on the wall.

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