How To Make Frames Within Frames? Easy DIY Handcraft To Make During Pandemic 2021

Hope you will praise the creation of Emma SanCartier where he has illustrated the “birdcage”, but it will be more pleasant when you will try to recreate the piece of art by applying your own creativity. At a glance, the idea of making it an up-sized frame crafted with liberal meetings will pop up in your mind, but it will be much better if you try to make a frame within this colorful frame, preferably if you have all the resources in your collection. However, it won’t be that difficult to get the resources, especially the wall art frames and the fabric as you can pick those up rapidly from the thrift stores and Fabio.

Materials Needed To Make A Frame Within Frame

Things you need

  1. A large picture frame that should be deeper so that when you fix it finally the frame shouldn’t stick out further than the larger one.
  2. Another frame of small size
  3. Paint (Spray )
  4. Primer ( Spray)
  5. Glue (white)
  6. Fabric ( of thick Tapestry)
  7. Cardboard or Bristol board ( white)


  1. Newspaper or drop cloth
  2. Staples or staple gun
  3. Pencil and metal ruler
  4. Mat, rotary cutter and fabric scissors
  5. Pointed marker
  6. Self-healing mat and utility knife

Process Of Making A Frame Within A Frame

  1. At first you have to paint the frame to match it properly. On the frame spry coats of paint and primer (2 each) and let it dry properly.
  2. In between times you have to measure the opening of the larger frame using a ruler, utility knife, and the self-healing mat. Then you have to get a piece of cardboard. Then you have to measure the opening of the small frame and then have to make a hole in its center.
  3. Then cut the fabric in the same size as the cardboard. Cut following the line that you drew to make the middle hole.
  4. Using the marker on the fabric, outline the cardboard opening and use the glue at the backside of the cardboard. Leave it for drying.
  5. Apply glue to one section of the cardboard and paste the fabric on the cardboard using the glue.
  6. Now place the small frame down while removing the baking and the glass. Lining the opening at the center, place the fabricated cardboard on the top. Then staple the cardboard on the frame all the way near the opening. The staples should be very small so that they don’t stab on the frame.
  7. Backing into the bigger frame, place in the smaller one. If the hardware of the frame is good, you can let it stay there.
  8. Then you have to stack the board and the frame using glue.
  9. At last, you have to staple triangles in every corner of the frame.  Then re-insert the art, backing, and the glass in the small frame, attach your favorite picture and then hang it.

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