How To Paint Wall Graphic For Kids’ Room? Easy Tutorial For Beginner Parents 2021

In this article, we will discuss the easiest option to paint wall graphics, especially for kids. At first, decide in which room you want to paint the graphic. When you are developing theย art for the kids, it is better to choose your kids’ bedroom. Actually, I first tried my skill, watching a YouTube video in my daughtersโ€™ bedroom. Before you start developing the wall graphic, you have to paint the wall with your or the kids’ favorite color. As both I and my daughter like pink, we selected the pink color only. Let the paint be dried properly before you develop a graphic on it. If it does not go dry, it will be difficult to paint a graphic on the wall. Actually, I faced a problem so is alerting you.

Once I was through with coloring the wall, I started developing the outline of the graph using a marker. I used a high stool to develop the graph properly. I like using wax markers, instead of permanent markers because I can rub it easily if needed. We both decided to develop a flower on the wall. After making the outline, we sketched it with a colored marker. Then we filled the petals of the flowers with gorgeous colors to complete the picture.

The video was resourceful and enjoyable. I am happy that now I can develop attractive graphics in my Kidsโ€™ room, anytime I like.

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