How To Paint Your Home Wall: 5 Tips To DIY Wall Art That Light Up Your House 2021

We treasure our homes just like a bird dotes on its nest and love to do it up in the best possible way. And what better way to add glory to the walls but with wall paintings. Using wall paintings as part of the home décor is gratifying since they reflect one’s taste as well as capture a moment of creation. If you are on a budget, famous artworks can also be reproduced as a framed art print. You can find interesting wall paintings at Ranging from hand-painted canvas art to landscape wall art, here you will find everything that makes the world of wall paintings fascinatingly diverse.

A Greenhorn’s Guide To Wall Paintings

The selection of wall art is not an easy job. From the assortment of wall paintings available in the market, it is easy to pick up any mediocre or shoddy piece of art. However, to avoid buying rip-offs of famous paintings, invest in certified replica wall art or stickers and wall decals. Available in vinyl bases, these wall stickers and wallpapers can be pasted on any structure and taken off without leaving any residue on the walls. offers many of these inexpensive, easily mountable options.

Complement The Wall Space

Now that you know how to decorate without paying a bomb, follow the ground rule for furnishing the interiors of a house: wall paintings should never overshadow the wall space. If you have long wall space, a canvas painting set comprising of 4-6 pieces will look make the room fuller. Now how does a piece of wall art, be it in canvas or other media better a singular piece? Interior decorators and anybody wanting to do up their houses will realise that piece wall art sets have great potential to infuse life into the walls. They are usually wall paintings spanned over a couple of separate bases. If you log onto, you can find paintings set by Ross that are available in many moods and prints.

Many of us find it difficult to decorate our small, urban homes. Browse to select a painting set by Andrew Lau. Create a natural backdrop against the room by incorporating a sunset or greenery with such a set by Andrew.

Paint Them Right, Paint Them Bright

Colour is one of the important factors that guide our process of selection of wall art. The artwork should flatter the colour code of the room. Canvas wall art, in the form of oil paintings, is a good alternative since canvas easily absorbs dye/paint and makes the painting look vibrant. You can safely invest in canvas painting sets that can also be washed with a piece of cloth and require no upkeep. Canvas wall art can range from a solo Gustav Klimt ‘Tree of Life’ replica wall art or hand-painted canvas art by any independent artist.

Unlike paintings that were popular in olden times, now the painting can be done directly on the wall using brushes or wall art prints. Framed wall art by Andrew in abstract patterns is a good buy. Wall art by Frank or by any other contemporary artist increases the value of the home both aesthetically and as an investment option (for future reselling).

Let Your Taste Guide The Choice Of Wall Paintings

Wall paintings have something to offer to anybody with a penchant for frescoes or edgy street art. Murals, a type of wall paintings put together permanently, have the capacity to recreate the by-gone times within the confines of walled interiors. You can hire muralists and decorative painters for covering the flaws in the base structures as well as blending the artwork with the landscape of the room. If you want to add urban touches to the wall space, work around the traditional décor techniques with photos by mural style. In this, digital images of existing murals are taken for recreation on another structure.

Spaces like the tiles on kitchen walls or office cubicles are often neglected. Create murals your way in any colour or pattern to brighten these spaces. With the emergence of modern tools that enable murals through digitized photos, assembled artworks, vinyl wall stickers and wall decals, you can improvise upon regular wall paintings.

Add The Expert Finish To The Demure Walls

One can add value to his house by letting the wall paintings do all the talking. Recreate fascinating worlds for your children with a painting set by George Braque/Lee. If you want to acquire some painting know-how, invest in a painting set by Bob Ross that offers interactive sessions on wall paintings. For pure delight on the walls, several sets by Andrew Lau in oil on canvas and reprints them at reasonable prices. You can buy these artworks for yourself or gift them to your loved ones. They surely will cheer up the walls and hearts of all.

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