How To Personify Your Room? Wall Mural Techniques That You Should Know 2021

Painting wall murals on your wall is a great way to give a room personality. It is not easy as just copying an image to your wall, however. The images may not balance especially if you are not a professional. There are a number of wall mural techniques to help you produce professional-looking murals.

Which one do you prefer?

Projector Method

You first need to determine the image you want. The projector will be used for enlarging and transferring the image to the wall. Make two copies of your image, a colored one, and black and white. You can also use a photocopy machine to enhance the image so you can see all the details. With your black and white copy, make a transparent copy. You can buy transparent paper from most stationery stores. Light the projector and aim it to the wall you want to work on. Place the transparent copy in front of the projector and adjust the image to the size you want. Trace the image with a soft pencil on the wall. With your colored copy, buy the paints you will need for your image. Start with painting the large areas first. You can add in the details later. Make sure the paint is dry and rub off the pencil marks. This is the most simple wall mural technique even for amateurs.

Grid Method

Draw a grid over a photocopy of your image. On your wall, mark off corresponding squares. The grid on your wall needs to be of equal ratio to your paper grid. Focusing on one square at a time, transfer your image to the wall. When you have drawn the whole image, erase the grid lines and get painting. When the paint is dry, you can erase the pencil marks. This wall mural technique is time-sensitive compared to the projector method.

Freehand Method

If you choose a mural made up of small elements or geometric shapes, this wall mural technique is best. Select your colors from the image you have chosen. Using a wide flat paintbrush, start off with the large areas. You can use a round paintbrush to add details to your painting. This wall mural technique is ideal when you feel confident about your artistic skill. For your larger areas, interior latex paints are best to use. When painting the details, you can use acrylic paints.

How To Pertinently Implement Wall Murals In Your House?

  • Modern day wall murals

The unique thing about murals is that they are done directly on walls. Unlike other forms of art, wall murals are elaborate and the material of the wall or the ceiling is beautifully blended with the painting. Even if there are any designs the wall murals create harmony with the designs. In primitive times uncivilized men used to paint on walls to document their social lives. Perhaps the present-day wall murals have originated from these primitive wall paintings. The muralists use various kinds of colors that can make an impression on the concrete walls, like oil paints, acrylic paint, etc.

  • Murals on your house walls

If you are willing to create murals on your walls, then get a consultant to decide the theme of the painting. The muralists and the consultants can help you estimate the required amount of space, color, and money needed to perform that. There are different forms of murals depending upon the theme, medium, and color. Some of the wall mural’s types are:

  1. Murals for kids: with some funny interesting subject being painted on the walls of a kid’s room.
  2. Photo murals: these are obtained from printed photographs and or prints of original paintings, etc.
  3. Egyptian murals: these are murals done with Egyptian themes, on Egyptian queens and pharaohs.
  4. Sports murals for walls: these are painted on sport inspired subjects. Such wall murals are apt for those who love sports.
  • Significance and impact of murals on interior decoration

Murals exhibit the political and social aspects of life; it is a form of art that is bought forth at a wider level among the common people. Moreover, wall murals are now much preferred as a vital factor in interior design. Wall murals types, as mentioned above, are varied and depend from one room to another. Only an artist or a muralist can help you choose the most suitable wall murals types for your home walls.

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