How To Select Your Wall Tapestries? Steps To Choose The Best Art For Your House In 2021

When you think of home or office decoration, there are a variety of choices you can go for. Floral and still artwork or still life oil paintings are some of the popular selections that most people go for. Paintings are also quite popular, with art oil paintings being used with increased frequency in recent times, though this may prove costly. However, if beauty is what you are looking for, then there is no price too high to get what you are looking for. Another option that you may go for that will give your home or office an authentic look is wall tapestries.

Wall Decorations

While a piece of oil painting or a piece of canvas art will create an elegant look, wall tapestries can provide an array of moods, depending on the specific nature of our tapestry wall hangings. For instance, Belgian tapestry wall hangings give off a very traditional feel. On the other hand, you may also choose tapestry wall hangings that are depictive of your family. A custom-made tapestry wall hanging can be woven based on a photograph of your family.

Types Of Tapestries

Tapestries are simply decorative items that are made from fabric that is woven on a loom. The fabric has become popular as a decorative item that it has now been used not only for tapestry wall hangings but also for tapestry handbags, tapestry rods, tapestry cushions, and tapestry bell pull. Wall hanging tapestries can even be hung on a large section of a wall using tapestry rods to make a complete look. There are numerous ways in which you can utilize tapestry as a decorative material. Some ways you can do this include:

  1. Photographic tapestries: As mentioned, before, you can opt to have wall tapestries in place of family photographs. This is done by finding a tapestry artist that is able to translate your photograph to a picture and then to a tapestry wall hanging that you and your family can enjoy. This is a good break from the monotony of photographs, and gives your house an artsy feel.
  2. Home-made tapestries: If you have the time and patience, you can involve your kids in coming up with your very own hand-made tapestry. This can be a fun activity and, if you are able to be creative without being too messy, you can come up with wall hanging tapestries worth displaying on your walls.
  3. Tourist destination tapestries: when you have a place that you would love to visit or have already visited and would like it adorning your wall, then you may have your tapestry artist create a tapestry wall hanging that depicts your favorite tourist destination.
  4. Outdoor tapestries: if you have a small room in your house, a tapestry wall hanging of the coast or other landscape will make your room not seem as small or as dark. A landscape with a horizon will also make the room feel larger.
  5. Medieval tapestries: This works just as well as medieval paintings. If you have very large rooms, you could use several small-sized wall tapestries of this type to scale down the size of the large room.

What Are The Wall Tapestries Materials?

  • Hand woven wool tapestries are primarily original European tapestries that are woven in modern days. These tapestries are generally woven in wool. Hand woven wool tapestries are woven using one single thread at a time. The weaving technique is similar to the technique used for designing antique tapestries.
  • Silk-screened tapestries can be created through the application of a coat of paint to neutrally woven fabric and act as great wall art. The image of silk-screened wall hanging tapestries cannot be created by weaving warp and weft and enhance the decor of a home surrounding. Regular tapestry can be created through the weaving of warp and weft. The antique décor look provided to silk-screened wall antique cannot be duplicated under any circumstances.
  • Antique tapestries were woven about 100 years ago. The cost of antique tapestries is equal to a hanging mortgage on the wall. The popularity of antique tapestries is growing in recent times as well.
  • Digital reproductions are woven in polyester and cotton. The cost of a medium sized digital photograph reproduction is 400 dollars. In digital photo reproductions, images are generally reproduced from scenes of Europe.
  • Jacquard tapestries are woven with a combination of wool/cotton and serve as great wall art. Such tapestries are woven using a combination of cotton/wool using a semi-automated process. Jacquard woven tapestries are gaining paramount importance in recent times as they have gained wall art.

It has been a long while since tapestries are prevalent in the marketplace. One needs to realize the fact that the above-mentioned tapestries are never out of fashion. Wall tapestries are available in a number of sizes, colors, themes, and styles as well. There is a wide range of tapestries including European tapestries, medieval tapestries, oriental tapestries, religious tapestries, patterns, and beautiful designs as well. Some of the other tapestry products that are available in the marketplace include tapestry table runners, tapestry pillow covers, tapestry rods, and tapestry cushion covers as well. The above-mentioned tapestries serve as perfect home decor.

How To Decorate Your Walls?

When you want to have a tapestry wall hanging custom-made, there are a few simple steps that you can take to have your wall adorned with this kind of art:

  1. Know what you want: You cannot go looking for a tapestry artist without a clue as to what you want from wall tapestries. You can do your own research and find out some of the many tapestry ideas that are available to you. Depending on your taste, make a decision that suits you and your family.
  2. Find an artist: Depending on what you want, find an artist that specializes in that kind of art. For instance, an artist who specializes in Belgian tapestry wall hangings may take a while to identify. You can find them online or by visiting a local gallery. However, you should note that if you opt for a gallery, you will have limited contact with the artist and it will be more like placing an order than anything else.
  3. Communicate with the artist: Once you have identified your artist, it is now time to express your expectations and what you are looking for. Specifications such as the size of wall tapestries will also be determined at this point. The artist will also be in a position to give you some recommendations, as well as the amount time it will take to complete the project, and the cost. In some cases, the artist will come up with a mock-up of what you can expect. Once all this is done, the real work begins.
  4. Completion: You can now wait in anticipation for the completion of your wall tapestries. With the right kind of artist, your tapestry wall hangings should be just what you wanted, if not more.

Tapestry wall hangings can also be combined with other art forms to create variety. For instance, you could use tapestry rods and tapestry bell pulls with still life oil paintings to complement each other. Tapestry wall hangings also go well with abstract canvas art, canvas art being fabric-based. You could also use tapestry cushions on seats to complement tapestry wall hangings.

Readymade Tapestries

The easiest way you can get wall tapestries is to buy them ready-made. When looking for wall hangings bestsellers, you need to visit a number of galleries and stores that sell wall tapestries. They are much cheaper than having them custom-made and you can also find a wide variety to choose from. If you are looking to combine different art forms, such as art oil paintings wall hangings, and tapestry, you could go for a simple combination such as tapestry rods with art oil paintings wall hangings.

Wall tapestries could just be the transformation that your home or office needs to give it a fresh look. With the variety of options available, whether home-made, custom-made, or ready-made, you are sure to identify the kind of wall tapestries that will work for you.

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