Top 6 Periodic Table For Chemistry Nerd Room 2021

When it comes to wall art ideas for kid’s rooms, the Periodic Table is one of the best ideas that have emerged these days. These might not be very family-friendly, but a few of them are designed so intelligently, that they make a fun wall art piece. Here is a list of some of the nice wall art pieces featuring the Periodic Tables, which can be a great option for a kid’s room.

Scribble On Everything Wall Art Periodic Table

If you are searching for raised Typophile, these are one of the best wall decals included in the Cam Wilde list of the hundred most well-liked and prominent typefaces available nowadays.

Land Of Nod Periodic Table

Land of Nod also puts forward a conventional periodic table, which makes a nice piece of wall art. However, a witty note of Periodic Chairs is not included that comes with the offer.
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Comics Alliance Super Powers Periodic Table

If your kids love superheroes, and their room is based on a superhero theme, then this periodic table is the best option, as it portrays their favorite heroes in a chemical formula avatar.

Gummy Bear Periodic Table From Kevin Van Aelst

If you are looking for something fun and cute, apart from educational values, then this is the right piece for the kid’s room.

Red Bubble Offer I Heart Chaos Video Game Character Periodic Table

This is good for a game-loving kid, as this wall art piece uses video game characters for creating the amazing periodic table.

Etsy Seller Shannon Zelli Offers Four-letter Name Set Periodic Table

This Etsy seller has used the periodic table idea in a new way. Shannon Zelli puts forward a pack of letters, which can be used to put up your kid’s name on the walls. The letters come with a corresponding chemical name or formula.

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