8 Unusual 2021 Christmas Gifts For Friends With Benefits/FWB/Hookup – Good Also For Birthday, Anniversary Or Valentine’s Day

Christmas is a perfect time to surprise beloved people and tell how much you like and appreciate them with the help of nice and unusual gifts. If you are thinking of a gift for him/her, probably that means you actually care about him/her enough. However, choosing a good gift is not the easiest task, especially if you want it impressive but not overdone. If you have already racked your brain and still have not decided what to give to your friend with benefits for Christmas, you will find some unusual and non-cliched ideas in this article.

Spa Visit

If you want your gift to be romantic and relaxing at the same time, then a spa voucher might be a good choice. What could better than a pleasant massage in a combination with sauna on Christmas Eve, when outside is cold and snowy? The best thing is that you can choose a voucher for couples, which will allow you to spend time together in a very romantic atmosphere.

Spa Visitalcohol Subscription

Every man likes beer every lady likes wine, and alcohol always makes the night prettier. So, if you really want to please your FWB and make him/her happy for the entire next year, order an alcohol subscription for him.  There are many companies that offer this, for sure you will find some new tastes to be delivered monthly.

Skydiving Voucher

If you want your gift to be really memorable, then you should choose something that will make blood boiling in wines. A good example is the skydiving voucher that will give your FWB the ultimate adrenaline and make him/her remember this experience for the rest of his/her life.  There are many companies that offer such vouchers, like Virgin Experience Days for example.

Helicopter Tour

Does your hookup like the sky and flying? If your answer is yes, then you should choose a helicopter tour for him/her.  It will allow us to see the city from another perspective and enjoy its beauty at the bird’s eye view, especially during the magic Christmas time with snow and beautiful lights. Such a tour does not have to be individual – you can always join your hookup for such a romantic date in the sky in order to remember such a day forever.  It is not a problem to find the company that organizes such tours. Many of them can be found on Buyagift.

Amazon Kindle

It is about time he/she replace his/her hard books with a Kindle. You can even add a few books you like to kickstart his/her usage. If you plan in advance during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, you can see a huge discount!

Smoothie Maker

If he/she is into a healthy lifestyle and diet, then your FWB will be delighted with this present. Along with running marathons, making smoothies can be the best past-time. And there’s nothing better than a Ninja smoothie maker.

Advent Calendar

Another thing I love about the build-up to Christmas is the advent calendars. Growing up, my daddy used to get me and my dear siblings an advent with chocolates. It was good for testing our patience (I would finish those chocolates in a day.) Sharing these childhood memories can get you closer with him/her instantly. Depends on his/her personalities there are many great advent calendar options, here is a list of my favorites:


Electric Shaver

This is probably more for him, but I gave one to my FWB back then and he really loved it so I decided to throw in this idea to the list. A high-quality electric shaver will be used every day and can change the look of a guy completely. It will be a good gift if he was complaining about his electric shaver breaking down. Plus many models can function more than shaver nowadays, it is also useful for removing that horrible nose hair, trimming the beard, and also clipping hair (hopefully he doesn’t start clipping his own hair).

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