Athlete Celebrity In Your House: Top 20 Sports Star Wall Art Ideas 2022

Decorating house walls significantly and of course, uniquely, accomplishes the task of home decoration with perfection, and undoubtedly, everybody searches for some different wall art ideas. Gone are the days of using those flora and fauna designs, rather the contemporary wall art decoration demands something practical and out of the box. What about replacing those old decorative items with the pictures and graphics of the influential sports characters? Here are some selective wall art ideas that you will like to use to increase the aesthetic appeal of the house and to give it a trendy look as well.

David Beckham

David Beckham is adored worldwide both for his skills and as a style icon as well. Now this sports star can rule the wall of your living room.

Usain Bolt

A sprinter and fastest person Usain Bolt is a role model of many people. He looks best in his sprinting pose and this wall art is good to use in both the drawing room and living room.

Maria Sharapova

Want your little ones to be as sporty and famous as Maria Sharapova? Then try this one to hang on the kids living room wall as it will keep inspiring the kids any time he/ she gives it a look.

Mohammad Ali

Many kids and adults tend to choose sports personalities like Mohammad Ali as their idols. If it is the same with your kids then try this unique wall art poster to decorate the room to support his view.

Tiger Woods

Sports wall art ideas are now being popular among corporate personalities. If you need one for your office, you will adore the poster of Tiger Woods who circumstantially acquires a core corporate look.

Rodger Federer

If you want to show your guest how much you are fond of Rodger Federer’s gaming style and quality, you will adore the following wall art that serves your purpose solely. It is a perfect match for a drawing-room wall.


Fans often worship popular Sport Stars who are at the same time evergreen and this wall art is for those who want to live those famous moments from Maradona at their home.


Are you Messi maniac and dream of this top-of-the-list football star day and night? Stop dreaming and feel him always keeping this graphic wall art in your personal room. You can feel the difference.

Sachin Tendulkar

Hanging a poster Master Blaster and a record breaker Sachin Tendulkar on the drawing-room wall is enough to add a glow to an otherwise mundane wall.

Serena Williams

Decorate the lounge area wall with this bold graphic picture of Serena Williams instead of something static to keep the wall look vibrating for a long time.

Michael Jordon

If yours is a big living room with bright color, you can try the following graphic of Michael Jordon to decorate the wall to give it a simple yet significant look.

Michael Phelps

Hanging such a bold picture of Michael Phelps on the hall room wall is a good idea to keep inspiring the members of the family.

Babe Ruth

If you are quite fond of baseball, you will surely like Babe Ruth. This wall art graphic is something that you need to hang at your favorite place in the home.

Lace Armstrong

Lace Armstrong’s fans have a new idea to celebrate as they can now keep a graphic picture of their favorite star. This wall art is best to use in the living room.

Christiano Ronaldo

The superb picture of Christiano Ronaldo and his famous quote will make your interior cool. Hang it on the hall room wall so that everybody feels how appealing the picture is.

Wayne Rooney

The Wayne Rooney wall art picture is good wall art for a living room wall, especially when you are enjoying the football leagues.

Shane Warne

Thinking about using a sport wall art decoration in the dining room? Then you will like this simple yet attractive Shane Warne wall art idea.

Gareth Edward

This wall art picture of Gareth Edward is the best to match for a kid’s room wall especially when he or she is fond of rugby.


Relive the true world of Brazilian football in your home by trying this uniquely designed Ronaldinho sports wall art graphic, which is good to use in the living room.

Rafael Nadal

You will forget about stress and anxiety whenever you look at this appealing picture of Rafael Nadal hanging on your living room wall.

These are some of the unique and attractive wall art ideas with a sports star theme to add a touch of different appeal.

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