Room-by-room Deep Cleaning Checklist: How To Deep Clean Every Room In Your Home

Keeping every room of the house clean and tidy is a tedious task. The challenge becomes all the more daunting when you have a big house or if you have kids who can easily create a mess. Houses have many corners that are difficult to clean regularly. There are places like the underside of a stool or the railing on a window sill that can be difficult to clean.

So to clean all the difficult-to-reach areas of your hire, you must hire

Deep Cleaning Services in your locality. Professional cleaners not only ensure that the cleaning is thorough but also make sure that toxic chemical residues are not left over after the cleaning process is over.

How To Effectively Clean Every Single Room In Your House

Declutter The Rooms


The very first step to an effective cleaning exercise is to declutter the rooms effectively. Unless you have removed the furniture effectively, the cleaner will not be able to reach every nook and corner of the house. If you have a lot of decluttering to be done, then you must plan well in advance.

You may need cardboard boxes to pack and remove stuff. So depending on how messy or crowded your rooms are, start making preparations well in advance. It is also a good idea to start with the innermost rooms of the house first.

Gather All The Equipment That you Would Need


The vacuum cleaner or the mop that you use for your regular cleaning is quite different from the equipment that you need for deep cleaning. So here is a list of things that you need to arrange for a deep cleaning exercise

A Microfiber Mop And Brush

Microfiber is a synthetic material, and the micro stands for the minute size of the fiber. Each microfiber is thinner than the size of human hair. The extremely small size increases the absorptive surface of microfiber mops and brushes. Many microfiber products have a positive charge on their outer surface.

The positive charge on the outer surface is useful in attracting and removing negatively charged dirt and grease. Most experts suggest that microfiber brushes and mops work just like a cotton swab when it comes to absorbing; however, their absorptive capacity is almost four times larger than a piece of cotton. And finally, microfiber mops dry out much faster than materials like cotton.

So if you have a microfiber mop and you use it for cleaning, then it dries out fast, and harmful bacteria or spores do not grow on the surface of the mop or brush. So a microfiber mop or brush can be easily reused for multiple rounds of cleaning as the surface remains free of contamination after a session of cleaning.

A Smear-Free Window Cleaning Agent

Cleaning a glass window is not easy because the watermarks left after the cleaning process is over make the window look dirty even after a session of cleaning. So if you wish to leave a smear-free surface after washing your windows, arrange for a smear-free cleaning agent. Alternatively, mix distilled vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Use this solution of water and vinegar to clean glass windows without leaving any smears.

A Wood Conditioner

A wood conditioner makes sure that your wooden surface does not appear blotchy when you apply a layer of paint on a wooden surface. Most wood conditioners fill in cracks on the wooden surface, and thus they help the surface appear smooth.

A Brush With Stiff Bristles


A brush that has soft bristles will not be able to thoroughly clean surfaces like shower door racks, drains etc. Hence, arrange for a brush that has stiff bristles and is easy to use.

Arrange For Accessory Items Like Gloves

Items like gloves or masks are easy to forget; nonetheless, they are essential to protect the cleaner and also the inhabitants of the house during the cleaning process.

Arrange For Items Like Baking Soda, Vinegar And Alcohol

Baking soda and vinegar are great cleaning agents when it comes to spot cleaning. So if you have a particular spot on your carpet that has a coffee stain, then baking soda or vinegar applied to that stain can easily clean a stain mark. Likewise, alcohol is a great disinfectant; it can kill germs on the surface of furniture or the floors etc.

Remember To Clear Every Single Nook And Corner Of Your House


It is very likely that you will miss out on some crevice or corner while removing dirt and grime. So when cleaning the bathroom, do not miss out on anything right from the fixtures for the soap to the shower doors and curtains. When it comes to the living room, do not leave out the drapery of the curtains, lamp shades, or window sills.

When removing dirt and grime from the kitchen, pay close attention to all the cabinets, especially the ones that are rarely used. When it comes to the bedroom, clean all the storage spaces under the bed. Do not miss the duvets, pillow covers etc.

When removing dirt from your kid’s study room, make sure that all the solutions used are organic, as kids can accidentally put things in their mouth and fall ill if harmful chemical agents are used for removing dirt and grime.

In all the rooms, pay close attention to the switchboards. It can be tricky to clean in areas near the electric sockets, but cleaning the switchboards in all the rooms is a must if you want your house to look absolutely prim and proper.


It is essential to have a checklist before you start with any deep cleaning process in your house. Having a checklist will make sure that you do not miss out on any essential equipment or cleaning agents. It will also make sure that the entire process of cleaning happens in a systematic and sound manner. If the process is well organized, the chances of; accidentally leaving out some corners of the house are minimized.

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