50 Must-Have Lockdown Shower Products Every Woman Needs In Her Bathroom Cabinet 2022

Ever wonder what other women are using in their bathroom for the ultimate comfort and hygiene?

Good news! We prepared this list of 50 things every girl needs in her bathroom for your ultimate lockdown happiness. From must-have shower products, hygiene products, toiletries every girl needs, to other female bathroom necessities, for sure we will show you some new inspiration that was unheard of before! Keep scrolling!

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Best High-Pressure Water Filter Showerhead

Best Product – Every time you get in the shower it will feel amazing on your skin and instantly relaxes you. With your soap and shampoo instantly washing off, your skin and hair will feel so much softer, and your scalp will be way less irritated. It is easy to install and use.

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Best Asian Exfoliating Bath Washcloth

Excellent – The exfoliating effects are superb. You will see your dead skin coming off, especially after you dry yourself. Your skin will feel way softer, and you’ll have way less body odor. It feels like you’ve been reborn!

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Best Softening Foot Cream

Great use – You will love that it’s a thicker cream that gets into the cracks. Since it absorbs pretty quickly, you can walk right away and not have that greasy feeling of sliding all over the place. The price point is good. Your feet will always be soft and visibly improved!

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Best Moisturizing And Ingrown – Reducing Oil For Hair

Perfect – Great for reducing and eliminating ingrown hairs when shaving certain areas. It helps to prevent breakouts and bumps and can be used anywhere on your body. You only need 2-4 drops to cover your entire bikini area.

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Best Shelf with Towel Bar for Bathroom

Best Bathroom Towel Bar – It is lightweight yet provides room for storage or decor. The towel bar is a nice addition to a small space. It comes with all hardware, and it is easy to put up. It is the perfect complement to your decor and very functional.

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Best Wall Mounted Storage Shelves

Best Shelves – The shelves are sturdy and thick, and the color is a gorgeous deep brown. They are easy to install and put up, and you will love that you can hang a towel from the bottom one. The woods and the metal frames are sturdy and stylish.

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Best Stone Stream Shower Head

Excellent Product – The boost in pressure is good. The showerhead is plastic, but the brown rocks and chrome bezels give it a luxurious look. They include a regular size roll of Teflon tape. The quality is outstanding, and the beads make your hard water softer.

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Best Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Head

Nice Fragrance – The showerhead is easy to install, and it’s quiet. The fragrance is subtle but can be adjusted for as much as you’d like. Great shower head and delivers a high volume of water.

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Best Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head

Sturdy Product – All body jets can spray at once, or you can use the lower or higher ones separately. You will get no issues with water pressure or noise. The panel has a temp gauge. For those who want a massage effect, you can use the handheld shower fixture, which provides different spray patterns.

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Best Multi Color LED Shower Head

Wow This Great – This showerhead does produce enough light to take a shower in the dark. It does not require batteries, is water-powered. The colors are bright but not annoying. It has good water pressure.

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Best Memory Absorbent Velvet Bathroom

Very Comfortable – It is very comfortable and will keep your feet warm and cozy when stepping on it after coming out of the hot tub and shower. It absorbs nicely and looks so elegant. This carpet is well-made, feels soft, and dries quickly, plus you will don’t slip getting out of the shower with wet feet.

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Best Bath Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher

Sturdy – It is a stainless steel version. It catches all the hairs and still allows lots of water to flow down the drain. The different adapters that include provide it with a perfect fit in our tub. It’s pretty easy to clean, just pick it up and pull all the hairs off. The design lets plenty of water through even if there is a lot of hair stuck in it, so you don’t have to clean it that often. And it keeps all that gross hair out of sight.

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Best Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

Easy to assemble – It’s easy to assemble and install. The suction cups on the back legs help to keep the chair safely in place. The back helps keep you from falling backward, and the handle helps to steady, so you can shower safely and independently. A reversible handle makes access easy. It is light-weight but perfect to transition into and out of the tub.

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Best Teak Wood Modern Folding Shower Seat Bench

Sturdy Enough – It offers sturdy and substantial construction and a sleek design. It has a low profile when up but is comfortable, sophisticated looking when down. Not only that, but it’s a classy addition to your shower.

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Best Shower Curtain Liner For Bathroom Showers And Bathtubs

Best Product – It is convenient, sturdy, and with reinforced holes for hooks. It doesn’t have the smell that you found on other curtains. The water beads up and fell to the bottom of the shower and not clinging to the liner.

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Best Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Door

Amazing – The rollers are smooth, and the screw holes are off-centered to act like cams. You can rotate them to adjust the door height. It glides so smoothly, and the glass is crystal clear. It is the best glass shower door online for the money.

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Best Nickel Tension Curtain Rod

Great – The rod length is accurate. It is durable and is easy to extend. You twist till it’s a tight fit. No-frills design, low profile, and no tools or setup required. Excellent color options too.

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Best Metal Double Roller Glide Hooks For Bathroom Shower

Convenient – It has a great design, and it is easy to hook the shower curtain on. You will love that you can easily glide the curtain. The ball end keeps the curtain on the rod. It has a double hook that allows you to hang both the water-proof curtain and your liner separately.

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Best Portable Wireless Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker

Highly Recommended – It feels good in your hand, not slippery. It comes with a strap that hooks around the sucking cup they provide for mounting to the shower wall. Likewise, it comes with a USB charging cable. The sound quality is good from this little small speaker. It is easy to set up, just hit scan on your Bluetooth phone, and the C12 pops up and pairs right away. It plays from any of the music apps or YouTube. By the way, it also comes with a micro SD card option insert.

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Best Scent Diffuser Refill Cartridge

Great Scent – This diffuser fills the room with scent for a month. It has a good smell making you feel happy, comfortable, and healthy. Likewise, it is not irritating and looks very high-end. You will love having your home smell like a vacation!

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Best Adhesive Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf

Sturdy Shelves – These caddies are modern and upscale looking, and they function well. It gives your shower more space and way easier to keep clean. You also will like that they have extra hooks to add things to hang from the Caddy. It is easy to install.

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Best Hanging Shower Organizer

Best Quality – It is a quality and nice-looking shower caddy. The hook at the top has a heavy-duty plastic half-moon ring that protects the finish of your shower fixture. It’s durable and sturdy. It has two small suction cups that secure it to the bathtub wall. If you have a small shower that only you use, or you share with another person, and you need some extra storage, then this is a fantastic option!

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Best Shower Hook Adhesive Stainless Bathroom Organizer

Highly Recommended – These are well-made, stick nicely, and have room enough to hang any razor. It appears as brushed stainless steel or aluminum. No engraving on it at all. Very sticky adhesive, even in a humid environment. Great product and a great price.

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Best Better Living Chamber Dispenser

Great Product – It comes with all you need, even the polymer for sealing in addition to the sticky tabs. The installation is easy enough; the back unit adheres to the shower wall, then you can remove the front to replace it when you need it. It looks pretty once installed.

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Best Framar Pastel Hair Clips

Great Hair Clips – These clips hold most hair types well. You can use them when you section for haircuts, color, and blowouts. No slipping, and they don’t pull the hair. The colors are cute. Overall, a fantastic set of clips for the salon or home.

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Best Waterproof Mold Resistant Lined Shower Cap

Best Quality – This shower cap is thick, and the elastic is strong. It has enough space on top to fit your hair. These keep your hair dry and the humidity from your showers out. It prolongs the amount of time you can go without washing your hair.

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Best HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee for Shower Doors

Great, elegant looking product – Have you ever used a squeegee, even a nice one, and been frustrated when seeing little streaks of water on the glass afterwards? With this squeegee, those streaks almost never happen. Why? you are not sure, except that it seems to use black rubber instead of silicon. Regardless of the reason for the difference, lets celebrate a seemingly simple thing, done well.

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Best Shower Foot Massager Scrubber

Tickles a little, still Amazing. – This product was a little COVID quarantine pampering gift. Just to forewarn you, if you’re feet are sensitive…this might tickle your feet. Otherwise, it’s an awesome investment. Taking care of your feet is paramount! Sidenote: make sure you suction it upright after use to drain out the water, otherwise the water will just sit inside it. Also, you have to press down hard if the floor of your shower is already wet, otherwise it will slip and slide around.

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Best OGX Extra Creamy + Coconut Miracle Oil Ultra Moisture Body Wash

Keeps your skin VERY soft! – The product itself is great. It’s a nice, thick, creamy body wash that produces a pleasant fragrance along with creamy lather. You’ll still need lotion afterwards, and the matching lotion works well (sinks right in and hydrated with a delicate, not over powering, coconut fragrance). If you’re one of those people who don’t like sweet or coconut scents, you won’t like this. Personally, I’m a fan and enjoy this line. Will buy again!

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Best Hair Shampoo Brush With Soft Silicone Scalp Massager

Love this thing! – Quality is great. the silicone tips are firm enough to provide that fantastically scratchy feel, and they don’t hurt at all. Handle is easy to grip, too. Even with soap on it. Really makes you feel cleaner when shampoo hairs.

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Best Shower GLOW Exfoliating Glove

Great Product – These exfoliating gloves are handcrafted and made of 100% pure Turkish silk. The unique weave of the silk gently removes dead skin layers. Experience visible results even after the first exfoliation. Skin becomes SOFTER AND SMOOTHER revealing fresh, youthful skin. Removes fake tanner .RELEASE INGROWN HAIRS and UNCLOG PORES. The glove improves skin texture by removing layers of dead skin cells.

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Best Cococare Cocoa Butter Stick

Very convenient – This is a wonderful product. The packaging is convenient and fits in a purse or bag with ease. The smell is light but is not noticed once it is on. Using it twice a day for a week and have seen significant reduction in marks that were on the skin.

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Best Pond’s Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer

 Great smelling. – This day cream is very good. It moisturizes Your face very well and it smells amazing and feels so good on skin. As a user of the ponds makeup remover for years, try this product. And the ponds makeup remover is better than any other one. So Highly recommend trying this moisturizer.

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Best Caress Beauty Bar Soap For Noticeably Silky Soft Skin

Really moisturizes! – Awesome for dry skin and those with sensitive skin. Smells great! Goes fast though. The best soap ever ! So silky and the smell is perfect! Package arrived on time and well packed.

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✅Best Shower Bomb Tablets Soothing Vicks Vapors Steam Aromatherapy

Breathe easier – These things are a life saver! Great product .These are a game changer when you get sick for sure. Absolutely love them!! Not able to breathe well before showering with them and breathing well after. It’s a must!

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✅ Best Sugar Scrub Mocha & Coffee Bean for Nourishing Essential Body

Highly Recommended Sugar Scrub – Tree Hut’s firming sugar scrub is absolutely wonderful. The scrub has a sticky yet rough texture, with an aroma that just made you immediately want to slather it everywhere. Listen to the directions when it says to rub in a circular direction because that was when saw the best results. Another tip you feel is good to share is take your time when you exfoliate. Your body will thank you later when it smooth, tightened and glowing like never before. You will be purchasing this product again.

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✅Best Salt Moisturizing Shea Butter and Almond Oil Foaming Bath

Enjoy the relaxation – Excellent for sensitive skin. Produced a lot of bubbles. Your legs and feet were very good after soaking in bubbles, Dr. Teal’s always delivers and this seller delivered fast.

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✅Best Dr Teal’s Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash

Awesome body wash. Can Increases prevention of covid too. – Wow! Fantastic. Awesome . Amazing. The best soap EVER. Originally purchased it because it was such a great value. You didn’t expect to fall in love with a soap. But, You did. It cleans hands beautifully. As a nurse, know that what covers dirt, or masks orders by a potent sent. But not this. Especially with Covid around, wants hands , and body, as clean as possible . Many soaps can clean your clean off dirt. But, they leave your body dry and chapped. . Dry and chapped skin is considered an opened wound when it comes it viruses and bacteria entering your body.

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✅Best Glutathione Papaya White Soap

It really works – Very nice fragrance. Lathers well. Rinses clean. Leave your skin smooth & soft. These best face soap ever it works real good your notice a difference within thee first use it thanks so much.

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