21+ Amazing Small Swarovski Crystal Chandelier To Get From Amazon 2022

• Small Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Tips & Tricks and a Helpful Buyers Guide •

Just like you, I was actively improving my home during the pandemic. Like many other home renovation essentials, most of the chandeliers are sold out in local stores. I turned to Amazon and learnt these…

In a hurry? This is the one I bought.

I bought this best selling antique Swarovski style chandelier on Amazon (More than double the sales of #2), make sure to check out the reviews so you do not pick the wrong color among the 7 different color options (they give very different vibes). –> It is not the authentic Swarovski crystal chandelier but I kept my budget.

white and gold floral chandelier
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Chandelier is a type of lighting appliance that hangs down from a ceiling. They come in very different styles.

Crystal Chandeliers are very elaborate looking and classy lighting fixtures that can really change the overall look of certain rooms in your home. Many people have them in their living rooms and dining rooms. Fancy restaurants also are known to feature chandeliers which guests love to dine under.

Throughout history chandeliers have been a part of many cultures. Some of them are found in elaborate mansions and buildings. These types of chandeliers can be hundreds of feet wide. They also weight thousands of pounds. Some of them are even made with gold for the mountings that hold them securely in place to the ceiling.

Regardless of the look you wish to accomplish, there is a chandelier out there that is right for you. Look around and find out what your options are.

Square small modern crystal white glass chandelier:

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Round small modern crystal white glass chandelier:

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✅ Tip #1:

If you have a huge budget, and are looking for only the best crystal chandelier with investment value. This is the brand you want to explore.

Schonbek crystal lighting is designed, engineered and manufactured in Plattsburgh, NY, U.S.A. It is one of the best-known names in crystal lighting since 1870 and very popular among Hollywood’s biggest stars. Some of the most collectible series include:

Schonbek Arlington Chandelier:

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Schonbek Trilliane Chandelier:

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Swarovski crystals are non-precious lead glass meaning that the intrinsic value of the material is not very high. They do have a valuable brand name, however, which causes them to have higher prices compared to other crystal suppliers.

To identity real Swarovski crystals, check the following:

  • When you look inside the crystal, you will see no bubbles if it is real Swarovski crystal. It is a fake if you see any bubbles. Because of its special glass compounds, Swarovski crystal will out-sparkle a bead of lesser quality when placed in a side-by-side comparison.
  • All genuine Swarovski products from 1989 onward feature the laser-etched Swarovski Swan logo. Before this, pieces might have had a different logo and in some cases might be barely visible and very hard to detect. (However, a logo can be copied these days so this should not be your only checking factor.)
  • Swarovski’s precision cutting technology allows crystal cutting similar to diamond faceting. Each crystal has its facet juncture pointing up, which means the facet junctures come together at exactly the same point.

Many home improvement stores offer chandeliers in various sizes, but you can buy them from Amazon too – especially during pandemic. You can easily install on in your home. It is no harder than installing a ceiling fan.

  • Make sure that you turn off the power source to that light fixture before you begin removing the old one and installing your new chandelier.
  • You also have to be prepared for the chandelier to be heavier. Make sure it is very securely in place or you risk people getting injured.
  • The amount of lighting that a chandelier offers you depends on the size of it. You need to select a chandelier of the correct size base on how bright you want the space to be, ceiling height, how many other light sources are there in the room, how far is the chandelier from the surface you want to project light to (eg. table surface vs floor surface).
  • Cleaning is very simple though as all you have to do is use a feather duster with a handle to remove debris.

If you don’t want to install it on your own you can hire a contractor to do it for you. They should be able to complete the project in a day or less. The amount of time will depend on the size of the chandelier. Sometimes special equipment has to be brought in so the workers can reach the ceiling. They also have to help to get the huge chandelier up there and hold it until it can be secured to safely dangle down.

✅ Tip #2:

There is a difference between real crystal chandelier and glass chandelier.

  • Crystal is clear whereas glass is foggy. Therefore, crystal chandeliers spark exceedingly. The crystal chandeliers light up the whole surrounding with hues of rainbow colors.
  • Crystal are heavier than glass. The reason for this is because crystals consist of lead and glass is made with sand. Lead is denser than sand. Hence if the chandelier frame is brass, copper, bronze, or iron, the chandelier is most likely crystal, because its weight requires the body to be robust.
  • When held in the light crystal reflects light and maximizes diffraction.
  • Because crystal is harder to be cut, crystal chandeliers are also more expensive than glass chandeliers.

You should also know there is something called ‘Swarovski Spectra Crystal’ which is a mid – price segment of machine cut crystals by Swarovski. It is for price-conscious consumer and made of ‘lead-free crystals’ (secret formula so we do not know if that means glass with special cut to give color and brilliance.).

This Gold mini spectra crystal chandelier is less expensive than expected. Definitely check out also other classic designs.

Small crystal white glass chandelier with ceiling fan:

Make sure to check out options for ceiling fan pulls and choose a matching style to complete the look.

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Many chandeliers may look like candles on them or icicles. The look you choose should be unique to the look you want to feature in that room of your home. You may want to get those that have several settings for lighting too. You can easily turn down the lights or brighten up the room. This way you can be romantic or just have a regular time hanging out with your family.

The most common type of chandeliers out there is those that have crystals hanging off of them. The way that light shines in the window and reflects off them is truly amazing. Many people place crystal chandeliers in their dining room or in their living room to enhance the overall look of the room. Other true chandelier lovers install chandeliers at the entrance, bedroom, toilet. corridors, and even outdoor areas like patio or balconies. However, I will consider outdoor chandeliers only if the area is with no strong wind or rain. The kitchen to me is a no area for chandeliers too as oil and grease accumulate easily and will be hard to clean from the crystals.

✅ Tip #3:

If you are trying to repair a vintage Swarovski chandelier ==> Good news! You can buy Swarovski chandelier crystal replacements & parts HERE.

✅ Tip #4:

You will also need this necessary accessory if you are not purchasing a flush design. ===> Check it out now and thank me later 🙂

There are plenty of different sizes of crystal chandeliers that you can purchase for your home. It depends on how much room that you have in an area for your chandelier to hang. It also depends on how high your ceiling is because the crystals will be hanging down. The more distance you have from the ceiling to the height of where you want the crystals to hang the more elaborate the chandelier can be.

There are several different types of crystal chandeliers offered on the market. You should look at many of them in order to decide which brand you want to display in your home or your business. There are contemporary models which seem to be extremely popular due to their classy look yet they are also very simple.

The prices for crystal chandeliers can vary depending on what you are in the market for. The other materials on it will also influence the price. You should be able to find the right crystal chandelier for the look you want. Finding it at the right price can be trickier but you may luck out if you take the time to compare prices in various places.

✅ Tip #5:

Glass chandeliers are cheaper and come in different colors to match the look of your rooms. There are also several luxury glass chandelier brands with famous collectible series.

Click to see the most popular small chandelier design for each color:

In the end, I also bought several of these floor lamps for my master bedroom. They look romantic and set the space into the right relaxing mood. I also like how they match really well with the ceiling chandelier.

There are several color options (all of them look quite elegant), perfect for you to add some color to the home for the holiday season.

☑️ More Home Improvement Tips: ==> Burgundy color brings good Fengshui & Luck to the space, make sure to check out these guides when you add colors to your home!

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