Guide To Buying Xmas Tree: What To Look For In An Artificial Christmas Tree? (2022)

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• Artificial Christmas Tree Shopping Tips & Tricks and a Helpful Buyers Guide •

Artificial Christmas trees are a good investment because they will last you for years (My tree is 23 years old this Xmas). Many people prefer to have an artificial Christmas tree for the holidays. They don’t smell like a fresh one but they are easier to get set up. You don’t have to go out and buy one each year either. If you store an artificial Christmas tree properly you will be able to use it for many years.

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What To Look For In An Artificial Christmas Tree?

There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying artificial Christmas trees. Some popular options include a realistic slim pre-lit Christmas tree, a 7.5 ft black Christmas tree, a 7.5 pre-lit full Christmas tree, 1500 tip Christmas tree, hooked Christmas tree, hinged Christmas tree, etc. Don’t know what the terms mean? That is the reason why you should keep reading!

In all cases, you need to know the following key points before purchasing the ideal Christmas tree that will fit your space and last for a long time.

Color & Style

✅ Some of the trees are the traditional green in color while others have white on the green to look snow-covered. Modern artificial Christmas trees are completely white, black, pink, or with funky color themes.

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When Did Artificial Christmas Trees Become Popular? Artificial Christmas trees were first developed in Germany during the 19th century and later had their height of popularity in the United States around 1965. In the old days, these fake trees were made using goose feathers that were dyed green and attached to wire branches.

The Right Size

✅ Some Artificial Christmas trees sit on a countertop while others are six or more feet high. They come in many sizes so you can get the one that fits your home.

If you are looking for an artificial Christmas tree for small spaces, try a countertop tree, an upside-down ceiling tree, a semi-round tree that will stand against the wall, a corner tree, or even a wall-hanging tree!

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The Right Shape

✅ With an artificial Christmas tree, there is a wide range of specific choices that you can match with your decorating theme. Some trees are big and fluffy, and others are thinner and straight.

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How Does An Artificial Tree Work? To make an artificial Christmas tree, you need to start with a steel frame. Then strips of green PVC plastic are cut into needles and then attached to the frame. The plastic can come in different colors, tipped with “snow,” pre-lit with optic fiber, or built to be several stories tall. Extra lights and ornaments are embedded or to be added by hand when the tree is assembled.

Assembly Difficulties

✅ Most artificial Christmas trees have branches on them that you have to put into holders. They are color-coded though so even small children can help to bring the tree to life.

You should also pay attention to the quality of the attached stand. A metal stand and center pole are both preferable to plastic. The tree will be sturdier and stronger with metal at its core. If the tree does not come with an attached stand at all, consider another option. Trees with integral stands are easier to manage and stand up and are overall sturdier and stronger.

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You will be grateful to know that your huge Christmas wreaths are safely stored in these bags (free of spiders and dirt and everything else) while they are in storage for a year.

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Pre-Lit Or Not?

Prelit Christmas trees have become more common in recent years. People have found that they are extremely convenient. At the same time, they are going to save money over plugging in all of those strands of lights. Prelit Christmas trees often have various color schemes to choose from. Some of them even play music and the lights will change and dance around based on the song that is playing.

✅ Fiber-optic Christmas trees offer you plenty of color without having to deal with lights. This means there will be more room on your tree for other decorations. Most people get frustrated untangling Christmas tree lights anyway so you will be saving yourself from this daunting task. The colors come out in spurts at the tips of the tree from fibers that are part of the branches.

You can even choose to have a color-changing Led Christmas tree. Note there are many types of settings. For some designs, you can program the lighting pattern and colors through a mobile app. For other designs, you can change among different color settings through remote control. ==> Click the images below to see more options.

How Are Pre Lit Christmas Trees Made? Of all the prelit Christmas trees, the fiber optic models seem to be the most popular for homes.

They offer an array of bursts of colors from the tips of the branches on the Christmas trees. The changes from one color to the next are very subtle and it can be fun to watch. The colors of the Christmas tree will be different in various areas of it as well. This is a great way to add a new dimension to your Christmas tree look on display.

The way in which the colors are displayed on a fiber optic Christmas tree has to do with the bottom of the tree. In the stand where you insert the tree, there is a light. On top of that light is a disk with various colors. When you plug in the Christmas tree base there is a motor that will cause the disk to spin. There is a planned light bulb under the disk that the color is reflected. This is how you will see the colors at the top of the Christmas tree.

If you are still using a regular basic Christmas tree with strings of lights, you should go online to see what you are missing out on. Chances are you will find several models of prelit Christmas trees you are interested in. You may be able to get a great deal on them now that it is early in the year. You can also choose to wait until they are on display in the retail stores before Christmas comes again.

Personalized Features

✅ Many of the newer tree designs have fiber optics that add color. You can also get those that sing songs, have elves sliding down the side, or are pre-decorated. There is also rustic style artificial Christmas trees which guarantee to add features that help a family to personalize their Christmas atmosphere.

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Staging Of The Trees

✅ Some people have more than one artificial Christmas tree that they choose from so they have some variety. Also, if you have a big house, probably you need several trees for indoor vs outdoor, different levels, and different rooms.

Tips: Check out these Christmas tree collars for artificial trees, they are cheap investments to immediately upgrade the look!

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Choose Of Material

What Are Artificial Trees Made Of? Most artificial Christmas trees are made of metals and plastics. The plastic part of the fake trees uses polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and lead.

The lead in the trees breaks down over time and forms lead dust. These particles are released into the air and can cause health issues, especially for young children. If you have babies or toddlers at home, this is the only fake tree I will buy on Amazon.

✅ However, artificial trees are safer in many other regards too as real Christmas trees can get dry and start on fire, trigger allergies from pesticides or herbicides, cause mold issues and attract bugs.

Another safe option will be traditional ceramic Christmas trees.

There are molds for ceramic Christmas trees as well. This can be a great school or family activity everyone will enjoy. Kids can wrap the DIY ceramic Christmas tree up and give them to their family on Christmas morning. Such lovely items will quickly become part of the decor in the home for each Christmas after that. All of the molds, the plaster to make them, and the decorations can be found online here.

Christmas trees are one of the most delightful images of the holiday for people to enjoy. Many people like to use them for decoration as well so they look for ceramic ones. They come in many different styles and sizes. Some of them are even hand-painted and can be personalized with your family’s information on them. These types of collectible ceramic Christmas trees make great gifts that people will proudly display year after year. ==> Click the images below to see beautiful designs at different price points.

Number of Attached Tips

✅ The number of ‘attached tips’ is one of the primary indicators of the quality of an artificial tree. When looking at the description, the higher the number of tips, generally the higher the quality of the tree.

This number measures how many actual branch tips there are on the tree. A higher-quality tree will have a higher number because the more tips, the fuller a look the tree will have. Fewer tips will make it easier to tell when a tree is artificial. In particular, if you can see through to the center pole of the artificial tree, you should probably avoid it.

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Price, Delivery Speed, Warranty

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☑️ Worth the Money?

There is a LOT of hype surrounding the artificial Christmas tree – but are they really worth it? After having my fake tree for some time now, and figuring out the tips and tricks I just shared above, I say, YES! it is absolutely worth the money IF you know the tips and guide above BEFORE you buy and use it.

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