Best Furniture Black Friday Deals 2021 – Amazon Shopping List & Tips For Home Renovation Projects

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If you’ve been desperate to improve your home interiors during the lockdown, Black Friday is the best time to do it and save a lot of money.

The good news is you do not need to wait till end of November to start clicking and buying, the early Amazon Black Friday deals for 2020 are live, running until 19th November and have covered discounts across all main categories.

Many people moved or started a home improvement project during the pandemic. As the major annual shopping event Amazon Black Friday is nearly here, we think it is the best time to pick up a bargain on bigger items such as a sofa or mattress for black friday home renovation money saving.

Need a new laptop to WORK OR STUDY from home? These are the items with most discounts.

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Check Out More Ongoing Amazon Black Friday Deals For Work/Study From Home Laptops, Phones & Tablets.

Is Black Friday A Good Time To Buy Furniture?

Black Friday is great for furniture and home decor shopping, while cyber week is the best for buying tech related items such as smart home devices, electronics & computers.

However if you focus on Amazon Black Friday Shopping then Amazon Prime Day deals usually top Amazon Black Friday deals but you need a Prime membership (Free trial here).

Where Are The Best Places To Find Deals For Home Furniture?

Ashley Furniture, Star Furniture, Mor Furniture, Overstock, Wayfair, Ikea – These furniture brands have a strong online presence and offer Black Friday Discounts.

However Amazon is still my favourite as price is usually cheaper with guaranteed delivery even during 2020 coronavirus time. Nowadays you can take a home style test and get suggestions to millions of different furniture items, you can even choose handmade items created by small shops in your local area (some artisans accept custom orders, like Etsy).

What Are The Best Amazon Home Furniture Black Friday Deals?

Want to shop Black Friday furniture and home decor deals? You don’t have to wait until the official discount day, we have loads of live sales right here.

Best Black Friday Mattress Deals

Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress With Almost 20% Off: – ‘I LOVE this bed, I am a big guy 6’3 300lbs and I fit comfortable on it and it forms to body. I haven’t been able to sleep well, and with this bed I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud.’ 

✅ Show Me More Reviews!

Calming Green Tea Infusion Bed-in-a-Box Memory Foam Mattress With Almost 20% Off: – ‘My previous mattress was also memory foam and I got from a warehouse for about $400 but this one beats it in comfortability. I would definitely recommend this mattress both because it’s so comfy and it’s sooo easy on the wallet.’ 

✅ See This Pressure Relieving Mattress!

Ultra Soft Bamboo Mattress Protector With More Than 70% Off: – ‘My son is 2 and still pees through his diaper some nights, so I needed a cover that was not going to let the urine leak through to my mattress and this one has EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!’ 

✅ Show Me The Current Price On Amazon

Comforter With Ruched Flower Full Set With More Than 70% Off: – ‘So pretty. Everyone who comes in my room comments that it’s gorgeous and looks very dreamy!’ 

✅ Show Me This On Amazon!

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☑️ Important!

TIP: It’s a good idea to check out this list and maybe save it for later.

Black Friday Beds Deals

Metal Mattress Foundation With No Box Spring Needed: – ‘Easy to put together and very sturdy. I love having the extra storage space under it.’ 

✅ Shop This #1 Best Seller!

Tool-Free Assembly Metal Platform Bed Frame With More Than 40% Off: – ‘This bed frame surprised me, the price being as low as it was, i was expecting something of lesser quality, however i am pleasantly surprised to how well it is holding up so far.’ 

✅ Offer Expires Soon, Buy It Now!

Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed Frame With Up To 20% Off: – ‘I’m a side sleeper but with this blanket I don’t toss and turn all night like I used to do. I sleep like a rock and look forward every morning to crawling back underneath it in the evening. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made!’ 

✅ Show Me The Current Price On Amazon.

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☑️ ALWAYS buy GENUINE bed frames like these.

Sofa Bed Black Friday Deals

4 in 1 Multi-Function Convertible Chair: – ‘My husband and I have been looking for an ottoman that would help us use our love seat as a bed when we are watching movies at night so both of us could lay down but we wanted it to match our sofa set… oMg its perfect! It can be used as an ottoman and bed!’ 

✅ Show Me The Current Price On Amazon.

Tri-Fold Sofa Bed, With Pillow: – ‘The reviews I had read on this particular chair on multiple sites were all pretty accurate. The chair is well-made, sits a grown man comfortably, folds out easily into a twin mattress with extra leg support & supports over 300 lbs.’ 

✅ See More Reviews Like This On Amazon.

Shark Tank Bean Bag Convertible Chair To Bed With Up To 20% Off: – ‘This is my third beanbag purchase. My other one is 10+ years old and is as nice as the day I bought it. I’ve replaced the (washable!!) cover once, and that was ONLY because my kid got Sharpie on it. I keep that cover as a spare for when I wash the other.’ 

✅ Buy Now!

Hunter Green Futon Mattress With Up To 40% Off: – ‘Great product. Perfect for a teens room or game room.’ 

✅ Show Me The Dimensions On Amazon!

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☑️ See ALL most popular sofa beds here.

Black Friday Rug Deals

Large Burgundy Area Rug Of Up To 70% Off: – ‘Extremely happy with rug, goes perfect with my room. Fabric is of high quality and really soft.’ 

✅ See Other Color Options On Amazon!

Moroccan Geometric Modern Area Rug With More Than 70% Off: – ‘Soft and comfortable, bought as a way to help save the carpet in my rental space from my dog and my toddler, easier to clean than my carpet, comfortable to lay on (I’ve dozed a few times on it) and super soft.’ 

✅ Offer Expires Soon, Buy It Now!

Hand Woven Jute Rug With Up To 60% Off: – ‘I was pleasantly surprised with how soft. Not irritating to bare feet at all. Looks great and is low profile (like I wanted). I wanted it for my entry way, perfect for that. For cleaning-I prefer something I can throw in either my home or commercial washer… I will say that dirt does not show up much on it so it really is good for inside the doorway. ‘ 

✅ Show Me The Current Price On Amazon.

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☑️ See Today’s Prices Here.

Black Friday Table And Chairs

Large L Shaped Corner Desk With More Than 20% Off: – ‘I got two of these for a school/work station for my wife and I. They’re a simple clean functional desk with a lot of room. The steel is a real thin gauge but once put together the overall desk is sturdy enough. I like that the shorter section can be installed on either end.’ 

✅ Offer Expires Soon, Buy It Now!

Ergonomic Children’s Workstation with Storage Drawer (Up To 30% Off): – ‘I bought it for my 6 year old daughter so she has a place to do homework, projects, coloring, painting, literally anything she wants to do. I love that it’s adjustable and will “grow” with her… She loves all the storage and that the desk top can tilt to several different angles.’ 

✅ Show Me The Current Price On Amazon.

Large Foldable Home Office Computer Desk For 2 (Up To 20% Off): – ‘The table is really good, looks neat and decent. The only draw back is – the entire sides (not just the corners) are very sharp. It starts poking on the wrists if you try to use the keyboard on this table. You may be ok if you use the laptop because the wrists will rest on the laptop. Using the thin keyboard like Apple keyboard is really a problem. I am ordering a cushion to apply on all the sides to salvage this table.’ 

✅ Read More Reviews Before Decision!

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☑️ See Today’s Prices Here.

Dining Table Black Friday

Farmhouse Dining Table with Two Benches Up To 47% Off: – ‘The table and the benches are extremely sturdy and don’t wobble. Being able to fit both benches under the table is also nice when you have a small dinning area. The assembly process is straight-forward, but screwing in 24 bolts by hand is as tedious as it gets (2 bolts for each leg). It took me 70 minutes to finish the whole thing by myself…’ 

✅ See Current Price On Amazon!

Breakfast Bar Bistro Table (Up To 20% Off): – ‘I bought this for a small studio space as a dining table. I need to eat while sitting down – and this makes it easy to quickly sit down at and eating. The stools aren’t very comfortable – I would recommend a cushion. I haven’t found much wobble in the tables but the chairs have a light unbalance. Not very noticeable. Cleaning is fairly easy.’ 

✅ Add To Cart Now!

High/Pub Table Set with 2 Bar Stools: – ‘This is a wonderful pub height table for a bachelor apartment, love the simple modern design. You can create your own coffee station /pub in living room, good for entertaining friends. this product comes at a very reasonable price and is of quite high quality when compared to it’s price and simply beautiful. Recommend.’ 

✅ Discount Ends Soon, Buy Now!

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☑️ Get More Info On What Is On Sale.

Black Friday Chair Deals

2-to-1 Synchro & Lumbar Support Managers Chair With More Than 50% Discount: – ‘Gaming or a general office chair, even at some kind of work station, this is the best choice. Both comfort and affordability. Why? Well Mesh seating prevents sores its easier on your skin and you WON’T OVERHEAT especially if you are sitting for long hours. Non Mesh seating and backing, can easily cause you to overheat and be uncomfortable. I have never had soooo much comfort in a chair in all the chairs i’ve owned over the years.’ 

✅ See Color Options On Amazon!

Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chair (Up To 20% Off): – ‘These were the perfect chairs to pair with my new reclaimed wood table. Not every dining room can handle the busy print of chevron, but this turned out so gorgeous! The chairs were great quality, and are really comfy!’ 

✅ Discount Ends Soon, Buy Now!

Home Office Chair with Memory Foam With More Than 15% Discount: – ‘Lower Back problems? Petite person? Just Buy It!!! LOVE
So this has been sitting in my cart for months! I am so happy I finally bought it! On all levels this is probably one of the best amazon purchases I have made.’ 

✅ See More Reviews For Decision!

Classic Leather Office Desk Guest Chair With More Than 20% Discount: – ‘Excellent chair for the price. It’s very comfortable, has lumbar support, is very sturdy, and if you don’t tip back in it would handle 300+ pounds. I didn’t assemble it, but the person who did it for me had no trouble and it took him about 10-15 minutes.’ 

✅ Add To Cart Now!

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☑️ TIP: On a Budget?

=> Amazon has these Chairs on sale today

(there are Chair accessories on sale on this page as well!)

Best Baby Furniture Black Friday Deals

Toddler Bed With Up To 10% Discount: – ‘As soon as she saw it, she ran over, laid down and played asleep. What I like:
– low to the ground, so it’s easy for her to climb in/out and low risk of falls
– side guards on the top keep her, her pillow, and her stuffed animals in place
– took less than an hour to assemble
– style is perfect’ 

✅ Add To Cart Now!

Adjustable Freestanding Pet Gate Made Of Premium Wood (More Than 15% Discount): – ‘This is a great gate. It’s easy to step over but keeps my baby and small dog out of, or away from certain areas. I bought this to block our gas fireplace from our baby. The glass gets pretty hot and I don’t want her to burn her fingers.’ 

✅ See Current Price On Amazon!

Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed For Camping & Travelling (More Than 25% Off): – ‘This Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed is great. Is pretty big enough for 2 of my toddlers. When we are going in a camping, of course we need a comfortable place (bed) for kids nap and sleep. This one is great also for playing. I can put toys and my kids are super happy playing and laying in this bed. Its great quality! And affordable price! Really in love with this product❤❤’ 

✅ So Cute! Buy Now!

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☑️ Here’s a tip you’ll thank me for later: Get these toys when they are with limited deal. Trust me, you want it.

Best Black Friday Deals On Tools

Compact Cordless Drill / Driver Kit (More Than 40% Off): – ‘Perks:
1) The LED light is super bright for dark work spaces,
2) The 2 batteries last an incredibly long time and charge very quickly
3) The 20V power is more than enough power for the weekend warrior/intermediate craftsman.

If you do tons of research on products like I do before I buy, this is a 100% safe bet. You won’t be disappointed!’ 

✅ See 10k+ Reviews Like This Now!

Multipurpose Laser Level & Tape Ruler With Up To 10% Discount: – ‘As soon as she saw it, she ran over, laid down and played asleep. What I like:
– low to the ground, so it’s easy for her to climb in/out and low risk of falls
– side guards on the top keep her, her pillow, and her stuffed animals in place
– took less than an hour to assemble
– style is perfect’ 

✅ Add To Cart Now!

Smart Plug WiFi Outlet works with Alexa, Echo and Google Home (More Than 25% Discount):

‘1) Setup was a piece of cake: just plug them in and use the Kasa app to configure them. You can also control these by voice if you are an Echo user — adding them as new devices is easily done through the Alexa app. (They are also compatible with Google Home devices.)

2) They are small and unobtrusive, projecting about an inch and a half from the outlet. And because they are so compact, you CAN plug two of them in at the same receptacle, one above the other.

3) They require NO HUB, since they connect via WiFi — this is a huge plus!’ 

✅ See Current Price On Amazon!

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☑️ TIP: If you want to keep the home alwys in AMAZING condition, you NEED these in your garage.

Best Outdoor & Patio Furniture Black Friday Deals

Outdoor Wicker Sectional Sofa Set with Water Resistant Cushions (More Than 30% Off): – ‘I was surprised something so large could fit into three boxes. The quality is great and the cushions are comfortable. I was worried it would be a little large on the deck but the measurements are spot on and this thing looks fantastic on the deck. It sits low to the ground but I don’t hate it at all, it’s very comfortable. I can’t wait to enjoy it throughout the spring and summer.’ 

✅ See Payment Plan On Amazon!

Kitchen Nook Set With Up To 40% Discount: – ‘Could be a little more stable. I have little kids and they love to bang the drawers which close harshly. Adding a stopper here will be a must. Otherwise it’s perfect.’ 

✅ Add To Cart Now!

Teardrop Wicker Lounge Chair with Cushion (More Than 15% Discount): – ‘I know this is technically an outdoor chair but I loved it so much I kept it in my living room! I get so many compliments from friends when they come over and everyone loves to sit in it including my cat!’ 

✅ See Current Price On Amazon!

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☑️ You need to buy outdoor furniture during Black Friday as they are very expensive on normal days: Check out what ELSE is on sale.

Best Tips For Black Friday Furniture Shopping

  • Inspect the furniture in person, read a lot of reviews, get accurate measurement and plan logistic before purchasing. Furnitures are usually hard to return because of the size, the worst thing that can happen is your expensive fancy looking sofa cannot enter your door nor fit into the living room corner.
  • Sign up for Black Friday deals email alerts of your favourite brands.
  • Make a shopping list. Remember to consider gift list, potential large spendings in the coming 6 months(home improvement, work from home, new baby, retirement, wedding), regular expenses(pet food, grocery, masks) etc.
  • Make another list according to when the Black Friday sales start for each brand and what do you want to buy from each of them.
  • Start early as Black Friday is no more a one-day event, for example early Amazon Black Friday deals for 2020 has started like a month in advance to the official ‘Black Friday’.
  • Black Friday used to be an offline event that you need to fight the crowds. We are sure this will change from 2020 pandemic. Make sure you check if the brand you like is offering online Black Friday and whether the prices are different online vs offline.
  • Many products are available from multiple brands so you will want to do a thorough price check. 
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Be sure to check retailer’s different social media platforms to see if they are offering any additional sales or codes to followers.
  • Learn a store’s Black Friday price match and return policy ahead of time.
  • Be sure to ask for a gift receipt at the checkout, as it will make returns or exchanges much easier for the gift recipient.
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