How To Live In A Small Car (2022)? 20+ Best Car Living Setup, Hacks & Essentials

No matter if you are planning to live in a car by choice or just need to do it for a year to get through the situation. This blog is for you. These gadgets are very popular on social media these days, watch this video to learn how to make your small car interior as comfortable as your home!

Live In Car Essentials

✅  Best Portable Outdoor Shower

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Fantastic – This is brilliant. It has quite a bit of power to it and isn’t at all that loud as you thought it might be. The battery lasts quite a while too (depending on how often it is used and for how long you shower with it). If you are not sure you could take a power bank with you and even a solar charger to charge the power bank up with (when the sun does arrive)

✅  Best Portable Toilet

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Great travel toilet – Nicely packaged and storage capability in the car when traveling. Comfortable seat surprisingly.

✅  Best Disposable Urine Bags

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Perfect for the Emergency Bags – Best for toddler boys. Long trips, or lack of immediate washroom or clean washroom around, i.e. parks or stores. Saved so many moments of wet pants.

✅  Best Sleeping Pad

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Great for naps in the car! – Great product. Really nice to keep in the car for long car rides when you stop and sleep or to keep in the car for “camping”. It folds up small enough to keep under a car seat.

✅  Best SUV tent

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It is easy to assemble. – This was simple to set up. Took about ten minutes. Fit perfectly without Kia Sorrento. Lots of room. dud end up returning it because the zippers on one side kept catching on the material and it was aggravating as all get out to try to open and close. Other than ours having a faulty zipper this whole tent was a really great idea and would have been worth having otherwise. Definitely overpriced since, in the end, it is just a tent, but a great idea.

✅  Best Canopy With Sandbags

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Decent product – Easy to assemble. Well covers the tailgate contour of a Grand Caravan. High-quality canvas. The 6 corner pockets look weak

✅  Best Portable Mattress

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Super comfortable – These are solid for the money, in terms of weight, as they are nearly 10 lbs of foam to sleep on. Other camp pads, in comparison, (like Teton pads) are only around 6-8 lbs, and though some cost less, don’t provide the cushioning to sleep on the ground. Trust me, the extra little bit of money you’ll pay for the Willpo pads is worth it. 

✅  Best Mini Fridge

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So tiny, yet so big on cooooooooool! – This little fridge is super! However, there is one flaw, not bad, but would make the product a little less able to slide around or fall off a flat surface. We sent a suggestion with photos to the support site (we suggested rubber feet for the little Astro). Other than that, this little guy/gal is very cooooooooooool!

✅  Best Foldable Bathtub

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Most favorite Amazon purchase ever – 6’1″, 250lb manchild fit perfectly in it! So much comfort, relief, and relaxation with this bathtub. The bottom is soft so your tailbone, hip, or bony back doesn’t hit the hard floor. The sides are cushy and keep the water warm longer. It is holding up to essential oils, castor oil, Epsom salt, etc, and is in good shape after 5 months of heavy use. It is very durable, you can tug and abuse it, and no leaks. Easy to set up, easy to drain. Highly recommended if you have chronic pain. Use 2 cups Epsom salts, 2 tbsp castor oil, 20 drops of essential oils such as eucalyptus, ginger, tea tree, lavender, etc.

✅  Best Car Sauce Holder

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Love it – Love this product! Works great to hold dipping sauces in the car. If the sauce doesn’t fit well, you can pour it into the removable tray. Works perfectly at my favorite fast foods place.

✅ Best Cup Holder

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It does what it says it does– It fits in the original cupholder, sticks up, and then expands so our water flasks will fit in. It wobbles in the original cup holder and the flasks wobble in the expanded cupholder. Not sure if there really would be anything that does what we want and is “secure.” So just watch your expectations.

✅  Iced Coffee Cup Insulator Sleeve

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Save yourself the hassle and just buy one in every size right now. – Love this coozie, fits perfectly on my Dunks cups (you can use it on any similar shape cups, plastic, or even stainless steel) super-insulated, and keeps your coffee icy for hours. Totally worth the buy. Not super bulky in your hand, the prints are so cute and you don’t have to worry about the cup sweating through the material. It’s absolutely perfect

✅  Best Compartment Laundry Baskets

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Easy laundry day! – Each side can hold about a full load of laundry for a large washer. You can separate your lights and darks and take both to the laundry room at the same time. Workmanship and materials appear durable. Also, since it’s not deep, you’re not going to be groping for socks at the bottom of a bag.

✅  Best Military Wool Blanket

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It’s warm, has no smell, does the job – Love it. It’s also warm and durable. To get rid of the smell just leave the blanket outside for one day and it smells fantastic like it just came off the clothesline.

✅  Best Electric Car Blanket

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Good Blanket – A good quality blanket. It is soft and a great size for your lap. happy with the amount of heat it produces. It would be nice if there were a control switch allowing for better temperature control settings. It is spot clean only as well. Overall

✅  Best Mini USB LED Light

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Stop looking. This is the light you want. – It’s simply the best light you can buy. You can find cheaper ones. But NO. Buy this one. It’s totally worth it. You can change between several light colors and intensity. Super easy to use.

✅  Best Collapsible Water Container

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Work well, fold up when not in use. Works perfectly for hauling water from a source to our 5th wheel trailer where you are camped in the desert – Works perfectly for hauling water from a source to our 5th wheel trailer where we are camped in the desert

✅  Best Charging Cube with extra Outlets and USB

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Excellent sun protector – They’re great for sun protection, but just confused me when you realized that you put these over the door/window. So you can’t just leave them on as you would with those suction ones, you have to take them off to avoid them getting wet and dirty, and then putting them back on

✅  Best Car Window Shades

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Purchased to use at Drive-In Movies – Purchased these window coverings to use at drive-in movies. I like to keep my windows down so I don’t need to run the AC for the length of the drive.

Places To Live In Car

A popular choice to live in a car is a 24-hr parking lot in shopping centers, restaurants, or other public facilities. Some places such as Walmart allow customers to park their cars overnight so it is okay to sleep in your car while parked in their parking lot. However, sleeping in your car is an act that is mostly frowned upon and also illegal, so you should try your best to sleep at home.

To ensure a safe night in your car, check out this necessary car gadget list.

Where Can I Legally Live In My Car?

Living in your car is legally permitted if you have parked your car in your own driveway, or if the person that owns the specific space gave you permission to do so. Other places that legally allow you to live in your car include certain parking lots owned by shopping centers, but be sure to check with the shopping center before you do so.

What Are The Best Cars To Live In ?

10 Best Cars to Live In

  1. Toyota Prius
  2. Honda Element
  3. Toyota Sienna
  4. Ram Promaster City
  5. Ford Transit Connect
  6. Chevy Astro
  7. Jeep Wrangler
  8. Chevrolet Conversion Van
  9. Chrysler Town & Country
  10. Toyota Sequoia

How To Live In A Small Car?

Check out these 10 important tips to live in a small car, also make sure to visit this guide to learn how to organize your small car.

  1. Find an unpatrolled parking lot
  2. Make a deal with the parking spot’s owner
  3. Keep changing locations to avoid pattern reading
  4. Use sunshades as a curtain to block the view from outside
  5. Never use the car radio
  6. Park near bushes away from the other cars
  7. Never leave food or trash inside the car
  8. Roll down 2 inches on one of your windows for air ventilation
  9. Always keep your doors locked
  10. Prepare new clothing for the next day

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