How To Refresh Your Washroom Without Breaking Your Wallet? Top 5 DIY Bathroom Wall Art Ideas 2022

The focus of the article is bathroom wall art ideas. This time we have decided to deliver a few different ideas to our readers to decorate the bathroom walls. Instead of searching for expensive and regular wall art items, you better exercise your art skill to create something new and different, something that you have created yourself. Letโ€™s see what can be the best decorative item for a bathroom.

Using Broken Plates

You can make use of broken platters to decorate your bathroom wall. Just take a few of them and arrange them accordingly to give an aesthetic shape. You can also seek your friend’s help to deliver your ideas. Well, you have to be careful about the colors of the plates. Choose the pieces that match perfectly with the color scheme of the bathroom.

Floral Canvas

If you prefer floral art, you can draw beautiful flowers or any flower of your choice on a canvas and hang it on the bathroom wall. It is easy to make and serves as a beautiful bathroom wall art idea. You can use both pastoral and watercolors to paint the flowers on the canvas.

Go Hi-Tech

You can be advance or updated enough to make use of technical or electronic appliances as bathroom wall art ideas. Believe me, even your old players can be used to decorate your bathroom in a different way. Take a small-sized frame and cover it with a white cloth. Then place the player in the middle of the cloth. Now, hang the frame on the wall and see how your guests appreciate you.

Using Recycled Papers

Make use of the recycled papers as your bathroom wall art ideas. You can use the paper to make statues of different animals or birds. Then fix the statues in a frame and hang it on the wall of the bathroom.

For Kids

Use small plastic or wooden toys and funny items to decorate a kidโ€™s bathroom. Glue a teddy bear or Donald duck on a frame and use it as exclusive bathroom wall art ideas.

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