Hoover Max Extract 60 PressurePro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220 Review 2022

Today we review the Hoover MaxExtract 60, FH50220 for you. Featuring a beautiful curved design and impressive SpinScrub technology, this machine is truly sleek and attractive, yet very powerful. It runs great on hard floors and heavy-traffic areas such as corridors and under tables. The Hoover MaxExtract has a sophisticated 12-amp motor that lifts up the spills by providing a pressured suction over the area.

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✅ Best Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner

Ugly, Yes, But This Machine Gets It Done! – This thing is an animal, a real workhorse, minus the tail. So yes, this shampooer gets a serious workout each week! It cleans super well and has great suction to remove the water.

This affordable carpet cleaner will save you from the hassle of hiring professional carpet cleaners. The Hoover cleaner comes equipped with state-of-the-art dual V technology, which provides hot air across the equal width of the carpet surface allowing faster drying time. Automatic detergent mixing is also a cool feature that provides the correct mixing of water with a cleaning solution.


A top-of-the-range carpet cleaner from Hoover. We were surprised by how powerful the 60 rotating brushes were! They clean deep into the carpet removing even the toughest of carpet stains.


Users have reported that at times the brushes may stop and start, but that is only 1% of users who reported this. We loved this cleaner and would recommend it!

The Specs

The Hoover max extract 60 (having 60 powerful counter-rotating brush heads) offers 120% extra cleaning compared to the Hoover steam can pet carpet cleaner, which contains only 5 brush heads. The Hoover max extract 60 would surely get rid of even the hard-to-remove carpet stains. Consequently, it will save you time by providing extra cleaning results with an equal number of strokes… nifty right? Also included in this package is a full bottle of free cleaning solution, so you can save yourself $30 on buying a new one.

One more thing worth mentioning is that the Hoover max extract 60 has outstanding soft wheels, so it will leave no scratches on the hard floors and laminates. Spinscrub technology appears to be tremendous in this unit, which includes 60 counter-rotating brushes that delve into the carpet fibers to remove the grounded dirt by gently rubbing the cleaning solution, assuring cleanliness at every angle. It has an outstanding tank-to-tank system, which includes two separate tanks for clean dirty and clean water. Good thing that tanks can be replaced easily, so you don’t require several sink trips. A feature that most top-of-the-range carpet cleaners lack is the convenient conversion of cleaning modes, but the Hoover max extract 60 has 5 different cleaning modes to suit all your needs.

The Hoover max extract 60 delivers a consistent spray of cleaning solution on the carpet surface, in effect providing edge-to-edge cleaning and removing dirt at every angle. It also comes with a convenient 9 feet hose that you can use to clean your car or the stairs in an efficient manner. This is quite a heavy unit, weighing in at 28.8 pounds, so sometimes you need to exert extra effort when moving this unit from one place to another. Like other carpet cleaners, this unit has a cord length of 20-feet, which forbids the plugging and unplugging of the unit frequently.

The Hoover max extract 60, FH50220 comes with a generous 2-year guarantee. The company also gives compensation to the customers for damaged products. It is included with an upholstery tool to clean awkward places like stairs, car interiors, and upholstery. 99% of customers are satisfied with Hoover’s superior cleaning performance, but a small minority did complain about the brush design being ineffective, as sometimes powered brushes do not rotate properly, but that is a very small minority. We loved this carpet cleaner and we safely say this is one of the best for sure!

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