57+ Memorial Xmas Ornaments & Sympathy Gifts For Christmas Trees And Cemetery 2022

Memorial Xmas Ornaments & Sympathy Gifts For Christmas Trees And Cemetery

2022 had been a special year, we learned more about life and death, values, kindness, relationships, thankfulness, than ever.

Christmas is a special time to help those left behind feel the presence of lost loved ones year after year.

There’s something uniquely comforting about remembering a lost loved one with a memorial Christmas bauble on a Xmas tree that is ever-present in the corner of the room during the festivities.

Don’t forget the Christmas memorial ornaments for the cemetery – solar Christmas trees for the gravesite and other battery-powered grave decorations are good ideas.

When my own children placed Christmas in heaven baubles on our tree dedicated to their beloved grandparents, it was a really touching moment to give them a connection to people who meant so much to us. It’s nice to hear the stories behind each one of the keepsakes and memorial ornaments.

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Small Outdoor Solar Powered Christmas Tree For Grave

‘My 95 year old mom was relieved that her husband’s grave will have a ‘light’ for the winter.’Amazon Customer

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Battery Powered Small Cemetery Pine Tree With Stake

‘They made it through the worst winter in Minnesota. The snow has melted off of them and they look just like new.’Amazon Customer

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Outdoor Solar Cemetery Christmas Decorations

‘Certainly better than any solar power light I’ve used in the past. They seem to need very little light to remain fully charged, and always have the same level of brightness regardless of British weather. Highly recommend!’Amazon Customer

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Solar Powered Christmas Lights For Cemetery

The area receives about four hours of direct sunlight in the morning, but they stay lit all night long thanks to solar power technology... Looove these lights! Just design them in any form or shape you want! They have a flash mode as well!Amazon Customer

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Outdoor Memorial Ornaments

‘They look soo cute and not to much. Now I want more though to line the side walkway. They look so cute at night. Highly recommend.’Amazon Customer

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Memorial Christmas Candle

‘I bought these to put on a grave and they look fabulously Christmasy.’Amazon Customer

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‘This item was to be gifted to a family member who lost a loved one. I loved this item! It came in a gift box with flowers on top and ready to be shipped out. It has a tea candle which is perfect because it can be replaced when finished, unlike a regular candle, once it’s done that’s it, but with this one it can reuse over and over. I highly recommend it.’ — Amazon Customer

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Merry Christmas From Heaven Ornament

‘I bought this, for myself, in memory of my daughter, who died in November. Rather than putting it on the tree, it hangs in my car, on the rear view mirror! And, every time I hear it clink, I like to think it’s her trying to get my attention! Good quality, good price, perfect gift.’Amazon Customer

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Memorial Christmas Tree Ornament Decorations

‘I got this ornament to give to my children for Christmas ornament in Memory of Their dad and I had one set to we as well for the same reason
With his name in it. I have given my kids a ornament every year since birth as a decoration as well as a memory of something that happened that year. Their first Christmas with the year in it. Their first toy they lived. A train, a barbie doll a sport they love a character whatever then when they got married it was the ornaments on their first tree. The tradition still continues and now they do it for their kids.’
Amazon Customer

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Memorial Tree Topper

‘This tree topper is wonderful—and not just a tree topper. She will stand alone as a centerpiece. She is sturdy and gorgeous. It is a bit spendy but worth every penny– perfect for your winter solstice celebrations. The separate sunburst-starburst halo is gold glittered metal and has little holes that fit over the lady’s hands–there is a magnet inside the gown that holds the sun in place. You cannot see the magnet. I could not be happier.’Amazon Customer

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Personalised Memorial Ornaments

‘I prefer to give this to those that have lost a loved one, rather than flowers. This, they can keep forever. I usually give this the first Christmas, after their loved one has passed. This is often several weeks or months after the funeral and they are very touched that you still have them in your thoughts. It’s a very meaningful gift, but also a tearful gift. When I give it to them, I tell them to open and read the poem later, when alone or with their family. One family told me they hang on Christmas tree every year and it feels as though their loved one is still near.’Amazon Customer

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Memorial Ornaments For Christmas

‘Every year I get an ornament to commemorate a big event in my life, whether good, or bad. My dad passed away at the beginning of they year, and throughout the year I looked for ornaments that I felt would fit the bill for me. Several months in, I found this ornament, but Amazon did not carry it at the time. Thankfully, around Christmas, it came back in stock!’Amazon Customer

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Memorial Ornaments For Parents

‘This was a gift for my mother for Christmas. I put pictures of her parents in it. Definitely a tear jerker. We love that although they are no longer with us in person, their memory is still with us.’Amazon Customer

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Loving Memorial Photo Ornaments For Dad

‘A good friend of mine lost her father the week before Christmas – they always had special times at Christmas and I knew it would be hard so I bought this and put her Dad’s photo in the ornament – it softened the blow and helped her process the experience.’Amazon Customer

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Memorial Ornaments For Mum

‘Got this for a friend who’s mother had passed away and was very impressed with it’s quality. It is very lightweight, and you might want to anchor it down with something to make a bit heavier, but it’s not tiny. It was a nice size and was given instead of flowers. My friend was very pleased with it.’Amazon Customer

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Christmas Memorial Ornaments For Pets

‘I can’t explain how much I love the sentiment these sweet things seem to offer. They are so loving and comforting somehow. I have been buying them for friends who have lost pets (the animal ones) and the friendship one for close friends. Great Xmas gifts. I just love these.’Amazon Customer

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Christmas Memorial Ornaments For Cats

‘This ornament is very exquisite. I purchased this Angel baby for a dear friend was recently lost her beloved cat… I would highly recommend for anyone looking for that special gift thinking of you in time of your sorrow.’Amazon Customer

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Christmas Memorial Ornaments For Dogs

‘We lost our beloved beagle of 12 years last summer. I wish I had seen this in time for Christmas this past year, but I’m happy we’ll have it for future years. Copper always loved Christmas, and this is another way for us to remember her during the season.’Amazon Customer

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Memorial Ornaments For Son

‘I am extremely pleased with this piece. It is absolutely beautiful. This was purchased in honor of the recent lost of my youngest son, my soldier, my hero.‘ — Amazon Customer

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Memorial Ornaments For Daughter

‘I bought several wings to give as gifts for people who recently lost loved ones. Lasts way longer than flowers!!‘ — Amazon Customer

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Memorial Ornaments For Graves

I bought this for a dear friend of mine who’s husband had passed away recently. She is an avid gardener, and placed it amongst her flowers. She loves how when the wind blows, the chimes have a light and soothing sound. Very nice and appropriate memorial gift, and lasts much longer than a plant or flowers!!’Amazon Customer

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Memorial Ornaments For Sister

‘Very beautiful. We purchased this for Christmas tree every year for our loved ones who are no longer with us.’Amazon Customer

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Brother In Heaven Ornament

‘The seller must know how special our loved ones in Heaven are because the ornament is beautiful and is presented beautifully. This ornament will be cherished in my home and in my heart.‘ — Amazon Customer

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Memorial Ornaments For Husband

‘Great gift to life someone’s spirit’Amazon Customer

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Memorial Ornaments For Ashes

‘My wife recently passed. She was my constant companion for 53 years and this will let her be with me no matter where I go. Good quality, I expect it will last many years. So will the memories.’Amazon Customer

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Sympathy Christmas Feather Bauble

‘Beautiful ornament and so tastefully and thoughtfully wrapped. A lot of personal touch with the packaging and enclosed messages. It’s beautiful to keep up all year round and a very tasteful gift for the loss of a loved one.’Amazon Customer

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Glass Memorial Ornaments

‘My girlfriend already believed in the cardinal thing. I was going to gift it to her for Christmas but somehow it got lost. The 1st anniversary of her mother’s death was like a week from when i relocated the thing. I didn’t want to keep it another year so i made a remembrance gift out of it. My goodness it got a huge reaction from her. So people it’s not just a Christmas gift. A special date present is a great idea. The thing is more beautiful in person and i felt like the price was very reasonable.Amazon Customer

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Glass Angel Memorial Ornaments With Wings

‘This blue angle was a sentimental gift for my dad. The picture looks pretty, but the actual angle is beautiful. The sun shining through it warms the room with a soft blue glow. The quality craftmanship is beautiful. It was “over packed,” which keep it completely protected during shipping. I am extremely happy with this angel and I would certainly recommend buying.’Amazon Customer

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Memory Branch Mini Christmas Tree

‘When I took down my Christmas tree, I really missed the light and ambiance that I gave to my living room. The corner also seemed dark. The tree is a bit like a sculpture with its free-form branches. Super easy to assemble. Elegant branches. Good value.’Amazon Customer

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Plant A Tree In Memory For Funeral

‘So so gorgeous and amazing customer relations they were writing back and forth to me I had a million questions before purchasing and they answered every single one I could not be more impressed. Absolutely beautiful arrived in perfect condition soil was even moist don’t give this company a second thought go for it they are awesome!!!!!!!’Amazon Customer

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Memorial Sympathy Gifts

‘Beautiful angel that is nicely packaged, with an accompanying beautiful sentiment. I’ve bought two, so far, for grieving friends who have suffered personal loss. I like to send something that will last (the flowers die, just like their loved one), and provide a small measure of comfort. I will continue to buy this product as needed.’Amazon Customer

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