67+ Creative Small Space Saving Christmas Trees – Flat, Wall Mounted, Half, Corner, Upside Down, Popup, Tabletop Ideas (2022)

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• Creative Christmas Trees For Small Spaces And A Helpful Last-Minute Buyers Guide •

Do you live in a small apartment like me? Here’s what I tell my friends and family about affordable space saving Christmas tree options.

I wish I knew all 7 types of creative small trees BEFORE shopping.

If you’re thinking about buying a small Christmas tree, you’ll want to keep reading.

There are 7 really smart and creative Christmas tree options I learned about space-saving that make a huge difference! Get inspired by more ideas below!

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Love love love! – So pretty! Was pleasantly surprised to see it was battery powered however, the lights aren’t very bright because of it.. still gorgeous and so happy about the purchase!

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Wonderful, simple and so easy. Definitely worth it. – Love the tree. Totally saved our Christmas if you have a crazy cat who would have climbed any other tree. Pretty tree looked great with the gifts in front of it. Will use again next year.

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Excellent small table tree. Quality product, and Looks it! – This is a quality product. The branches look almost real and are sturdy. It had no branches break when setting it up, and no shedding of the “needles.” It was easy to add lights and ornaments and the branches held them well. Looks great on our round drum top table. A little expensive, but worth it. Highly recommend it.

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Great Idea & Great Product – These are great! Felt decorations are of very good quality. A fun tree for children to enjoy. You’ve actually ordered more than one. The lights have a flickering option as well.

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Can’t Beat it for the Price – Look, seriously, it’s going to be difficult to get a better deal than this for a nice skinny / slim / pencil size Christmas tree that looks decent. Like other reviewers have said, out of the box at first it looks a little sad, but take the time to fluff it and it starts to look like a pretty darn nice tree.

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NATURAL LIFELIKE APPEAL – This pre-lit artificial branches look ultra-realistic and lifelike. With 71 individually crafted branch tips, this wreath is as charming as the real thing.

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You were were happy you bought this tree! – It is a perfect tree for a small living room. you love it, it has a elegant feel to it. It was easy to set up you did it in less than a half hour. You would recommend this tree to anyone. It really is a pretty tree. Every year you can’t wait to take down tree.

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It is wonderful – This pencil tree is easy to put together and with the lights already put on it is easy to decorate. Because it is not so big around it fit perfectly into the corner and looks full with no gaps between branches. Even without the decorations the tree was beautiful because all the lights are put on spaced evenly apart neatly.

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Simple set up. Looks great. Very pleased – Designed to easily transform your home into a Christmas wonderland. Simply place the pop up Christmas tree in the sturdy plastic stand, pull it up and plug it in. Collapses back down in minutes for easy storage.

Flat Wall Mounted Christmas Tree

Many of us face the problem of lack of space, and if you are one of us, flat wall Christmas trees are for you.

A flat Christmas tree to hang on a wall can be EXTREMELY affordable and flexible – they can be made of felt, plastic, cardboard, plywood, etc. You can even handmade them with little kids. Just hang some garlands, sticks, string light or branches on the wall in the shape of a tree, here the main feature is your creativity – you can make any crazy tree you want!

You can even create a flat-back live Christmas tree, just collect some fresh branches or moss and fix them to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. The steps will not be too different from how to DIY a Christmas natural wreath.

I got a GREAT deal on my Christmas tree from this page (FREE TRIAL).

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✅ Best Battery Operated Flat Christmas Tree For Window

Great window decoration! – This is a great little window decoration! A little on the small side. But it is very bright and you can see it from my second story window standing on the street. Will be buying more of these. The only bad thing was the suction cup that comes with it is pretty useless.

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Best Modern Indoor/outdoor Wall Mounted Flat Christmas Tree

Sweet..Bright..Pretty – Took a chance on this tree & so happy you did. It’s great. It looks great on its own but is sweetly decorated. It’s very bright and they sent a little string of lights; stars that blink red/blue, red/green… love it!

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Best Felt Wall Hanging Christmas Tree With Lights

Fun and cute – Very cute. The kid had fun decorating. Few of the velcro pieces on the tree weren’t sewed on well. But it didn’t affect the ornaments sticking. look forward to using this year after year.

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Best Glitzhome Christmas Centerpiece Table Decor

Boston Terrier LOVER – If you love Boston terriers, you will love this item. It is perfect for a Boston terrier lover. Best thing for decorating at Christmas time. Cute as can be!

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Best Artistic Wall Hanging Christmas Tree Tapestry

Cuteeee – Super cute Christmas deco for any empty white wall! Package Included : A package of Christmas tree ornaments. Lights : 30 LED lights Color is Worm/

Do you have little kids at home? Have you seen this DIY flat back Christmas tree for wall?

Many say they have their best Christmas moments spending time decorating the rooms with these wall Christmas tree for toddlers ==> Click the images above to see more info from Amazon.com

✅ Click the images to see more Christmas tree wall decal decor ideas on Amazon.com!

Half Christmas Tree

When it comes to decorating the interior, lack of space is the biggest challenge we often have to face. So what’s the solution for the holiday season? An artificial HALF back Christmas tree, of course.

An artificial half-wall Christmas tree can stand by a vertical surface to give the look but save half of the space. Most of the half-back Xmas trees are composed of 2 corner trees and you will have many creative options. Another type of half tree has no branches at the lower part of the tree, so you can pile a lot of gifts underneath the tree.

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✅ Best Wall Mounted Half Christmas Tree

FESTIVE APPEAL – A delightful way to add instant Christmas spirit to any wall, pillar, window, or other area of the home. With 62 individually crafted branch tips, this artificial half tree seated in a basket adds warmth and character.

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✅ Best Top Half Parasol Christmas Tree

NATURAL LIFELIKE APPEAL – This pre-lit artificial branches look ultra-realistic and lifelike. With 230 individually crafted branch tips, this full bodied tree is as charming as the real thing.

How to keep a cat from climbing a Christmas tree? ==> Fun fact: Top half Xmas tree is also known as a cat-proof Christmas tree!

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✅ Best Flocked Half Christmas Tree

【Led pre-lit birch tree】– Overall height 2FT with a 4 inch x 4 inch base ,24 led warm white light,,8 pcs gift cards, birch texture branch

==> Do you know you can spread artificial snow flock to any fake Christmas tree? This is the best reviewed self adhesive snow product to try.

Slim Pencil Christmas Tree

‘Go vertical’ can be a clever Christmas tree design strategy that will enable you to decorate a tight space. Choose a Balsam fir if you prefer real Christmas trees as it is a tall slender slim tree type. You can also try a slimline fiber optic pre lit Christmas tree. Artificial small diameter Xmas trees can look quite realistic these days.

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Best Skinny Slim 4 Ft Christmas Tree

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – National Tree Company is a USA-based family owned and operated business established 60 years ago. Our friendly USA customer service staff will assist with product and parts questions.

✅ I found these cute slim Christmas trees for interior & exterior. Click the images to see the current price!

Upside Down Christmas Tree

With December fast approaching, many of us will be decorating our homes for the festive season… but what can we do when there isn’t enough room for a traditional Xmas tree? What if the floor is packed with people or running puppies/cats/babies?

The inverted Christmas trees will look uncommon and impressive in your home, with the addition of flocking to create the impression of snow. Pop on your favorite baubles and enjoy! If you want to give the extra effort and be fancy, then you can develop an upside down Christmas Tree-grinch theme or go for the insta-worthy Mandela effect!

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✅ Best Upside Down Christmas Tree From Ceiling

Best deal on a Beautiful Christmas tree – Standing at 6-Feet, this hinged Christmas tree is an eye-catching addition to your room decoration during the holidays

Corner Wall Christmas Tree

What if you have only a corner to place the Christmas tree?

You can choose a really slim tree or a corner Christmas tree for the wall! Shop a selection of the best corner Christmas decor for small spaces to suit a range of budgets.

THIS is the best corner Christmas tree with pre lit.

THIS is the best slim corner Christmas tree.

Pop Up Tree

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Simple set up. Looks great. Very pleased – Designed to easily transform your home into a Christmas wonderland. Simply place the pop up Christmas tree in the sturdy plastic stand, pull it up and plug it in. Collapses back down in minutes for easy storage.

Small Tabletop Christmas Tree

When you’re limited in space, you could opt for a small Christmas tree as the ideal space-savers. To DIY a tabletop Christmas tree, get a pretty little tree or make it of fir branches yourself. Put them into a vase, and then decorate with ornaments of proper size.

✅ I’ve compiled the best small Christmas tree decorating ideas, and thrown in some alternative OPTIONS too, like a live tree, tree candle, metal tree and gift tree variations. ==> Click the images to buy NOW & save money!

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