Small Car Organisation 2021: 50+ Best Household Products & Ideas To Keep Your New Car Clean, Organized, Remove Smell & Look New

Got a new car? Or just trying to get the old car organized and neat ? In this guide, we collected 50+ Tiktok viral ideas to help you enjoy driving time better!

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✅ Best Seat Gap Organizer

Super Useful! – This gap filler goes in between your seat and the console. It’s great for catching little items or storing things, and there’s a can holder for my Diet Coke. This is great for anyone with a small car that lacks cell phone spots or an extra cup holder. While the cupholder is on the small size (not good for some of those large insulated bottles) it is DEFINITELY good for standard sized cups etc.

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Best Car Door Gap Filler

love it – Most of these kill you straight away and then leave you wondering what happened, these seem to gently creep up on you, you know its there but your not convinced until it hugs you. well recommended.

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Best Car Visor Organizer

Handy little storage organizer – Good durable product. Super easy to install if you want to call it that. You literally just slide it on your visor. Great for road trips and keeping your cards handy. I keep my head phones, charger, car registration and insurance forms

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Best Car Trunk Storage Organizer

A useful thing! – Nice organizer for car. You can keep it in the back or passenger seat of the car. It was useful to store munching items when we went on a long car trip

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Best Car Trash Can with Lid

Perfect – Good quality, lined in side with a plastic material so no leaking, says you need a center console

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Best Cup holder Diamond Design

Every moms best friend! – First off, this trash can is THE CUTEST! I’ve gotten so many compliments. It’s sleek and super stylish. The plastic is easy to wipe clean and it fits a lot of small trash that lays around in the car.

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Best Car Purse Hooks

This purse holder slides onto the back of your seat and holds up your purse so it’s not on the floor. They are so handy for so many different things like groceries, your purse, a jacket, or if you want to hold up your phone to watch a show.

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Best Car Back Seat Hooks

WORTH THE MONEY – This order comes with two hooks (which is great since some sellers make you buy two in order to have a pair in total. This is because the leather hooks are much better quality and go better in cars with leather seats.). It has been a month of using this and you LOVE this product

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Best Auto Hooks Bling Car Hangers Organizer Seat

Really needed this – Useful. Really needed something like this rather than having someone hold my bag as you don’t like placing it on the floor. The good thing is that these don’t look bulky nor apparent when hooked on the back of the headrest and they have been quite sturdy so far.

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Best Car Handbag Holder

Best Product! Very well made and elegant look with the bling. Fits a little bigger than the space between your seats but works. purses are a little bit too big to fit but you can just take out what you really need at a quick grab.

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Best Car Back Seat Trash Bin

Hotor Car Trash Can – The Hotor Car Trash Can is a Great little gadget. It functions as a trash can, cooler and a snack bag. It’s a perfect size. You like the way that you can put things in the front and side pockets. The top unzips so you can flip the top over and put soft drinks in it. It also has a strap so you can hang it on the back of a front seat.

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Best Poly Expanding File

Good Coupon Organizer – This thing is huge. It can easily hold letter sized envelopes. The only downside is the dividers are NOT connected to the bottom. This means small, loose pieces of paper can easily slip between sections

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Best Expanding File Folder Accordion

Good for filing light papers – Of course this is for light paper keeping. It is very useful to keep organized

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Best Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

It works well – nice turnaround nicely packaged to protect against damage cleaned my car yesterday nice sterdy car vacuum cleaner all the attachments you’re going to need cleans very well if you let the vacuum do the work and don’t press down to hard 

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Best Mini USB Car Vacuum

Review Black & Decker Car Vacuum – A very excellent and just right power but not lots very versatile ,Perfect for your compact car plug it in cigarette lighter and it will even reach all the way to the trunk with room left over !! Will vacuum every spot inside car. Has good suction. However it is NOT POWERFUL but will suck up anything you put in its path

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Best First Aid Kit

Super Cute! Needs antibiotic cream! – Super cute first aid kit! It doesn’t come with any Neosporin or antibiotic cream, which would have been nice to have. Overall you’re in love with the first aid kit! It’s the perfect size not too big, not too small! And the cute quote on the inside makes all your patients smile!

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Best Glass Breaker Hammer

A Cut up? – So far, so good??. Tested cutter on a seat belt we had in the garage; found that an upward movement works LOTS better than a downward movement. ??? Good to know in a panic situation ?

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Best Soft Safety Baby car seat Head Support

Does the job nicely! – Does the job. Very handy to have three of them too. Very soft on baby’s head while he naps, although he sometimes pulls it off

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Best Pet Seat Belt

Cat is now super comfy and safe in the car – Great product bought for my cat so she doesn’t have to be in a carrier when in the car and it’s perfect. you just unclip it and use it like a lead so no faffing. you wouldn’t clip it to a collar though only a harness

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Best Car Wash Shampoo

What a nice product!! – Although you might not see from the picture but the amount of thick soap this Pink Super Suds Car Wash Soap makes using a spray gun its amazing and fun! you did apply after carefully power washing the car. This soap is the best soap you ever purchased 

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Best Rain-X

Works as advertised. – Interesting stuff! Applying it as directed on to the windscreen discovered that it works pretty good especially if you’re getting up to speed. The rain beads on the windshield and as you increase speed The raindrops bead and disappear off to the side.

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Best Car Gel Cleaning Putty

Easy Fix for Dust – It sure looks like it would clean up everything in your car. And it pretty much does. But if you’re expecting it to clean up anything that isn’t loose (coffee rings, melted candy) it will disappoint you.

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Best Alarm keychain

Loud and great for all ages. – This alarm is really nice. Not only is it small and portable but would definitely startle someone if they were following you or attempting to attack you. You set it off in my home to test and it startled my husband. You could even hear it from multiple areas in my home from behind a closed door. This item would be great for elderly as well. Have them set it off if they need help.

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Best Pepper spray keychain

Best pepper spray brand in the market, sophisticated design/mechanism, DOES NOT CONTAIN TEAR GAS – This pepper spray is the only self defense tool any woman or man needs clipped to their key ring.

About the size of power point clicker (takes up the entire hand, thumb on top) and clips to your keys with ease, it packs a seriously powerful punch. After researching pepper spray brands and all their features, Sabre is undoubtedly the best brand on the market for this product (Vipertek is best for tazers).

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Best Micro Stun Gun

Must have this item – Works great. Already scared off a would be attacker just by pointing it at him and the noise and sparks made him run !!!

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Best Duracell Emergency Jump Starter Car Battery

Great to keep in the trunk – If you have never used one of these jump start boxes you are missing out. These are really nice to have in your car as a just in case. It’s the worst when you go out and your battery is dead especially in the hot summer months. This is pretty much a durable battery that stores enough power to jump start the battery. Its a small unit that doesn’t take up much space. It’s about the size of your hand but packs a really big punch. This does the job of jumping your car without having find somebody else to help you. You simple just hook it up to the battery and press the button and you are all set. Once you fully charge it it stays charged for a long time so if you check on it every few months you’ll be fine. This also works as a flashlight and USB battery box so if you need to charge your phone in an emergency you can. It’s a great value for the price and it pays for itself the 1st time you need to use it. It helps to prevent you from being stuck waiting for a tow truck and gets you one your way .

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Best Car Fire Extinguisher

Good emergency supply. Maintains charge. – Fire Extinguisher has clear instructions on it and easy to read gauge

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Best Security Cam With Wide Angle

It is very light , easy to install, with good resolution & wide angle coverage around the vehicle – This dual Dash cam is an excellent camera with very good Resolution, and sharpness with wide angle of images covering all around the vehicle. It 1qis very light tech camera easy to install and mount. But camera needs more brightness adjustment and has to be a chargeable battery to record after vehicle in parking lot

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Best Astro AI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Decent pressure gauge
– Tire pressure gauges always seem to have problems that make them difficult to use and inaccurate. This one is different. It works as advertised and is inexpensive too. The head and display light after you press the button. You can rotate between PSI BAR KPA and even Kg/cm^2 by pressing the button before or even after taking a pressure reading. If you place the head on the valve carefully, the gauge requires barely a whisper of air to read the pressure and the reading stays on the display after you remove the gauge from the valve too.

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Best USB Car Star Lights

You won’t be upset about this purchase – pretty good quality and bright with reasonable price. Love the customer service

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Best LED Car Strip Lights

Easy to install – Super easy to install, got done in 10mins. Did install in day time so had to wait till dark to actually see how bright are the lights. And was surprised to see the result later that day as they were just perfect. Super easy to pair with phone app as well. Over all a product worth the money.

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Best Car Cup Holder led Lights

Light up rechargeable cup holder – This product is wonderful and convenient especially at night if you can’t see in your vehicle it brightens up the area so you can always see where your placing your drink or even if you need to see a pen that fell on your car Matt it’s rechargeable too so you can always re-use and re-charge at your very own convenience

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Best Car Wheel Protector 

GOOD QUALITY WORTH THE PRICE! – Love it a lot, diamonds don’t hurt on your hands but it does take a little to get used to

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Best  Fluffy Steering Wheel Covers

Fluffy! Just like the picture! – Really stretches on tight on the steering wheel which is nice because it stays in place and doesn’t even begin to feel like it’s going to be moving.

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Best Car Interior Maudling Trim

It’s a fairly decent product – Super easy to install, just cut to fit! Definitely have to cut the middle shorter if you want to be able to move your vents back and forth, but otherwise super cute and fun accents!

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Best Light Up Cocktail Coaster

Quality – I received a lit if compliments for this coaster. The colors illuminate through your drink which is cool

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Best USB Aromatherapy Diffusers

Great for car or small spaces – Freshens up my car nicely. Simple to use and can either run continually or intermittently

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Best Key Ring Chain Bracelet

Fun Item! – You had been seeing these key rings around, and was so happy to find this option – lots of great colors, and an affordable price. What You like most about it is, You can throw it into my bag and find it easily. Also nice to just put on your wrist when heading out if You have your hands full.

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Best LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener Cotton Candy

Really smells like a evergreen tree! – These smell great and look awesome. Keeps your car smelling nice. Just follow the instructions to make the scent last long (don’t just take the whole tree out from from the beginning).

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Best Crystal Rhinestone Key Ignition Starter

Just the right amount of BLING! – This is a very inexpensive way to add some character to your car. It came with a separate tape backing that you just have to put on the ring before putting it on your car

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Best Portable Solar Power Bank

Portable solar charger with three USB ports. – The light is super bright and very useful, The battery holds a charge for a long while and is very strong once fully charged! The solar panel takes weeks to charge in the summer sun in cool climate but probably keeps the charge at peak longer

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Best Car Shark Fin

Good purchase – Makes the stang look super mean, and just adds a good touch to it. Handling is super nice and just all around a good purchase that didn’t dent my wallet

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Best Heavy Duty Protection Car Cover

Durable, waterproof and hard-wearing tarpaulin, which is well worth the extra cost! – Purchased specifically to use storing a mounting pile of boxes, outside, whilst moving house! Brilliant, hardwearing, waterproof and easily maneuverable sheet of tarpaulin which did the job 100%! House move a complete and dry success!!

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Best Blind Spot Mirror

These blind spot mirrors are super helpful with parallel parking – These blind spot mirrors are super helpful with parallel parking, blind spots and seeing if you are in between the lines of the space you parked in. Love them

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Best Car Window Decals

Attractive and saving our bird life
– Attractive and easy to use. encourage birds into our garden and have large windows to watch them so these maple leaf decals are perfect to discourage them from flying into the glass, especially the youngsters.

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Best Anti-Slip Gel Pad

Extremely sticky, nothing will budge. Perfect on a boat! – Extremely sticky. Will not move once placed. Held my Toughbook laptop on the flybridge while pounding through rollers on plane!. Could not ask for better than that. Very difficult to remove, might cause a mess on soft surfaced dash panels. Fine on fiberglass though

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Best Dual Head Car Clip Fan

Pretty slick little fan! – These blades are very small, but they pack a wallop! On high you can feel the breeze 6 feet from the fan. Pretty good for something so tiny. Excellent adjustability. Rheostat for maximum speed control. Not silent, but pretty quiet and unobtrusive.

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Best Car Window Sunshades

Another necessary but great car item – This is a really great shade! It sticks to your window like Saran Wrap. It is very translucent and it gives a lot of shade even though it seems so easy to see through.

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Best Car Air Humidifier

Pink cool mist humidifier – Perfect and adorable! Easy to use, looks good and perfect compact size with good output! you also like that it has a few features, single most, double, and light on or off. My 3 daughters and the neighborhood kids all agree it looks good too!

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Best Car Tissue Holder

You would highly recommend – This fits perfectly on the visor & does not impede the functionality of the lighted visor mirror. Regular napkins from any fast food restaurant fit in there nice. No need to buy their replacement napkins.

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Best Car Phone Holder

Find a spot and keep it vertical – Installed it and hid the wire behind the deck. The adhesive attachment is the more rigid method to secure it if you find a surface to which it will stick. Most cars have textured surfaces over most of the unused dash space, so finding a space can be difficult. 

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Best Car Multiple USB Outlet

Neat little gadget – Really like this. Small but powerful. Has the LED light so you can instantly see whether it’s plugged in properly or not, plus it’s handy at night. Reasonably rapid charge and can power two phones at once. 

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Best Prime Tracking Device

Tiny but powerful – This is awesome!!! Do you need to keep track of something important in real-time?

This tracker has a lot of cool features, like being able to get notified every time it enters or leaves a certain area and being able to see the pattern of a car

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Best Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Works well with some caveats – This awesome device will broadcast audio thru your (older) vehicle or car without BT. Plus it has two USB power ports, one of which at over 3 amp that will fast charge your phone to some degree. The limitation obviously is which FM station you stream your audio

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Best Sunglasses visor

High Quality, Excellent Workmanship – Perfect storage for glasses making the easily accessible. Works fine. Cheaply made but good price. Works

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Best Slip Free Desk Phone Stand

Sturdy, perfect size, stays put – Product is well made and perfect size, not too bulky or to flimsy. The sticky rubber is very effective.

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Best Lumbar Support Pillow with Mild Cooling Gel

Brand new and high quality – The product helps maintain a proper position to prevent future pain and injury, adapts to your body, so it is not at all uncomfortable

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Best Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support

It works well, comfortable, and stayed put – A good product to raise the sitting position especially in a car where there is no seat raising mechanism

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