50+ Small Home Nail Room Decorating Ideas 2021 (Manicure, Pedicure Tech & Furniture Kit)

Kit out your home nail room with these awesome manicures and pedicure nail care gadgets. From nail tech room ideas such as nail desks and chairs, to nail spa and station decor, whatever you need to set up your nail room/bedroom/studio, you can rest assured that you will find it here.

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✅  Best Space Nail Art Adhesive

YES, you want these for at-home manicures – They’re very thin, so they don’t leave your topcoat lumpy. The clear areas of the decals stick very well to the nail, so you can’t see edges or bubbles, you only see the design.

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✅  Best Bubble Massage Foot bath Unit

Perfect for in-home use! – This chair perfect because of no plumbing and it meets the needs of all levels of mobility. I used to sit Indian-style on the floor and it wrecked my back this is much better. This chair is of good quality and more comfortable than me sitting on the floor to do a pedicure.

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✅  Best Professional Ergonomic Saddle Stool

Allowed you to sit for long periods of time in comfort – Very comfortable, easy assembly, and great quality!

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✅  Best Paraffin Wax Machine For Hand And Feet

Perfect for at-home spa days! – If you are a big self-care and at-home spa day type of person then this wax set is perfect for you! So relaxing! This is a really good wax kit, this comes with everything you need, you get the wax, a spatula, brush plastic bags for feet and hands and also booties and gloves for feet and hands! The actual wax melter is great it’s compact and sturdy and has a lid so the wax melts after and stays lint-free.

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✅  Best Electric Heated Mittens Gloves

Love it, Love it, Love it! – It won’t heal your arthritis, but it certainly does take the pain away and make you very relaxed.

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✅  Best UV LED Light Lamp Nail Dryer

Amazing – It is an LED AND UV lamp. The light works amazing for both gel polish and builder gels.

  • the low heat mode helps reduce discomfort for clients when curing builder gels that can have heat spikes.
  • the enclosed design gives better result than the open-backed ones.
  • it is 48w which is great because most gel polish companies recommend a 36w and higher lamp to properly cure their gels.
  • the automatic sensor counts up to 2mins.
  • the bulbs come pretty far down the side to ensure that the pinky and thumb cures well.

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Best Portable & Foldable Manicure Table

Perfect furniture for at-home use – Absolutely love this manicure table…it’s exactly what you needed… Perfect for doing nails!!

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Best Moisturizing Socks Gloves Set

Great way to refresh the skin on hands and feet! – These are really effective, especially if you put on a great hand and foot cream before you put them on.

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Best Nail digital printer

This is the future of nail art – ? so easy and so fun. Took a little bit to get the hang of but in the long run it’s worth it. The one thing I’d recommend buying that’s NOT included is liquid latex for around the nail, this thing can get a bit messy.

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Best Electric Nail dust collector

For a budget friendly option, it rocks! – This dust fan has changed the game for you, and getting rid of excess dust filing acrylics and gels. It gets rid of about 80-85% of the dust because it’s not the strongest fan, but if you file over it it does the job. It’s also very quiet

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✅ Best Nail Polish Organizer Case Holder

Life changers! – You can put solid colors on one side and the other is for base coats, topcoats, glitter coats, nail care bottles, etc. Easy to find what you want.

The case itself is sturdy but the doors don’t really lock in place, they just snap shut.

I would recommend it if you don’t like the idea of putting them on a shelf but still want a display 🙂

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Best UV LED nail lamp

Works Very well – Definitely works. WORTH IT.
Tip- if you buy this one, the wattage is a bit lower. so change the wait times. SO maybe go for 2 minutes instead of the 60sec/1minute option.

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Best Professional finger toe nail electric drill

Good beginners tool. – Works as intended which when attaching the different bits it was a twist lock in place instead of just push in. The bits it comes with are super minimal sanding ability and metal for the surfaces is cheap but what do you expect at this price. Ordered a higher quality set of carbide bits to replace and working good. Would have been nice if the purple holder for the hand held piece was attached to the main machine. Cause it is a light weight hollow piece of plastic and tends to fall over. Simple double sided tape should secure it though. Using mine for sculpting (sanding detailed areas of an app or sculpture.

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Best Horseshoe-Shaped Nail Guide Sticker

Stays in place! – It takes some getting used to putting it on your fingers. Especially using my non-dominate hand. The forms are sticky and steady in place to create beautifully sculpted nails.

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Best Anti-Spill Bottle Stand

AMAZING PRODUCT! Don’t let the light weight fool you – AMAZING PRODUCT! Don’t let the light weight fool you. This product is sturdy and holds every shape bottle that you have. It’s really like having an extra hand.

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✅ Best Gel Nail Polish Kit

Perfect gift – This is a terrific beginner nail set for manicure & pedicure, it comes with everything you need to do your nails properly – nail lamp, nail clippers, toe separators, file, buffer pads, cuticle pusher, hangnail tool, nail polish with a variety of colors, & coatings of three varieties.

It is nicely boxed so it can be a perfect gift for anyone who wants to try something new and cannot go to a nail salon since COVID started.

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Best Gel Nail Polish Set

Beautiful vibrant colors – 2 coats and they give you solid coverage! These are very smooth and easy to use for beginners. They marbled together nicely. Sometimes with gel polish the colors bleed into each other but not with these. 

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Best Nail Salon At Home Station

Make art Nail Gel Polish Nail Design Base Studio Tool – If you are not an expert on applying nail polish to yourself but this tool is phenomenal! you have improved greatly – no, drastically using this base tool for application. What a difference it makes for novices to use – especially since you don’t go to the salons – you have to do things at home. Really worth it!

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Best No Bend Hair Clips

A must buy! – These are awesome!! A must need for When your doing your make up or hair style !

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Best Cuticle Pusher And Cutter

Sturdy construction, good price and product – The steel construction will be a lifetime purchase. The scoop end easily pushes back even my very heavy, thick cuticles. However, be very careful of the blade end which does not feel sharp at all

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Best BTARTBOX Nails Long Coffin

Perfect nails in no time! – THESE NAILS ARE AMAZING!! .Soooo long and so strong, great for press on nails using glue or tabs. Love the sizing – fits XS to Large nails. Will definitely be buying more!

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Best HSI Heat Protector

Silky Smooth – This is by far the best heat protectant spray you have ever used. It smells amazing hair silky and smooth. If you need a great professional product at a great price this is for you.

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Best Flames Sticker Nails Clips

You need these – A must. Especially if you’re doing your own nails, they are in valuable for doing your dominant hand

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Best Modelones Glitter Gel Nail Polish

Beautiful……. buy!! – Absolutely love glitter nails and these colours are just beautiful! Such a nice selection and so easy to apply, even better the set comes with a free application brush….. what else could you want.
Would not hesitate to buy these again, no matter how good you are at nails starter or profession such a good product.

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Best Scott Shop Blue Paper Towels

These really suck. – You know that these a great for? Cleaning your work area! They stay together better than paper towels, clean up messes cleanly, and are disposable.

They’re just as hardy as rags for cleaning up messes but easier to store and bring around and a thousand times better than paper towels for the purpose.

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Best LED & UV Intense Seal Top Coat

Satisfied – This top coat is good if you use it for acrylic nails. If you only do gel polish and use this as top coat it will crack a day or two later making your nails look terrible

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Best Mia Secret Clear Acrylic

Love this brand – Super easy to work with and STRONG. This acrylic doesn’t set extremely quick, so it gives application time for maneuvering the product where you want it.

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Best Young Nails Protein Bond

The best – Perfect for priming nails before acrylics or a gel manicure. No lifting and gel polish will peel off, without this protein bond. 

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Best Handle Grip Nail Brush

Sturdy and effective nail brush – This 4 pack of nail brushes was very affordable and was a nice color assortment for our household. They are sturdy enough to clean a mechanics hands and they can be gentle enough to clean mine.

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Best Cuticle Trimmer/Pusher

Great trimmer set – Great trimmer and cuticle pusher! The trimmer is very sharp and the pointed end to get the small bits of cuticle off is perfect.

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Best Mia Secret Nail Prep

Good product – You love this product’s they are amazing Great products! Great price! Beats the salon prices! If you have the time and patience to do your own nails highly recommend this product!

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Best Half Cover Tips

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! – LOVEEEE these nail tips! There are soooo many sizes to fit ANY size nail bed! You get 50 of each size. Sizes range from 0-9.
These tips go on with much ease and they are shaped perfectly.
The packaging was very nice, neat and of good quality. The nail tips where neatly and securely packed as well. Very nice and professional packaging. Doesnt at all look cheap.
The only down fall is that they are a little on the thin side. However, that makes them more pliable and less likely to have to fill the side walls when applying the tip to the natural nail plate in the event that you are in between sizes. But other than that, this is a great buy!

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Best Elegant Violet Red Nail Cutter

Must have nail tool – The cutter is the perfect handheld size, sharp blade (easy to replace) Easy to use, light weight great for beginners. Awesome for cutting acrylic nails long or short, round or square.

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Best Nail Files

Great quality and reusable – Great files. Super hard and perfect for shaping my acrylic nails quickly

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Best Mia Secret Clear And Pink Acrylic + Liquid Monomer

Great product – easy to work with . Fast shipping .The jars of acrylic powder are good for beginners. This set works really well

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Best No Burn Acid Free Secret Prime

Fantastic! – This stuff really helps your acrylic stay on for a very long time

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Best Jumbo Nail File

Great – These files last way longer than the ones you get at the nail supply stores. They are more expensive but the quality you can’t complain

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Best Nail Hardener

Works great, but may cause discomfort – This Esmalte Endurecedor para Unas product does work very well but is not for everyone. If your nails are weak or damaged from removing acrylic or other harsh nail products, the pain of the formaldehyde hardening your nails will be worse. I highly recommend following the instructions on the box which specify to put it on half the nail with limited frequency.. two coats will increase your chance of experiencing burning/aching.

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Best KDS Nail Tip Glue

Finally! A product worth the money. This glue drys super-duper fast!! And you don’t have to worry about it clunking up each time you go to use it, it comes right out!

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Best kolinsky Hair Brush

Impressed – Works like a charm. Very useful in my nail kit! Very clean and neat. Easily can be cleaned with monomer and a wooden cuticle pusher.

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Best Clear Acrylic Dish For Nail Art Acrylic Liquid

Very practical! – Hold a good amount of product (liquid in my case). They’re small but perfect for my use. Don’t take up much space & they are sturdy.

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Best Shine Finish Long Lasting Top & Base Coat

A little goes a long way. – This product really made its way into my heart! High gloss and is truly a no-wipe worry.

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Best Pedicure Foot And Leg Rest

Perfect size and price – Sterdy and supports the clients leg as well as prevents you from straining your arms hands or back when doing a pedicure. Plus it supports plus size legs as well. Love it!

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Best Polish Remove Soaking Bowl

Great item! Worth it and great value.
– Love this! Way better than clips or foils. Fill the bottom with warm water and the top with acetone and your nails come right off!!

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Best Silicone Training Mat

Easy to clean up! Great for practice! – Super easy to clean up!! ? you could pretty much scrape it off with no troubles and no hassle.??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ Bubbles up just a tiny bit due to the monomer but pour some acetone on a paper towel and wipe it the bubbling goes away

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Best Practice Fingers

Great for practice – These practice fingers are definitely small but great to practice on. You need to file down the surface as you would with a real nail bed.

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Best Nail Training Practice Hand

Good quality and fast delivery – The hand is very flexible from the arm all the way through the finger tips. The tips on five fingers are already prepped for you, install it on the table and ready to use. Other reviews said the nail tips are easily comes off

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Best Black Acrylic Nail Art Display Holder

Perfect for nail art – These are perfect for nail art. If you leave them on the stand though, they’re a little tall for putting under a UV lamp.

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Best Fake Foot For Nail Art Training

Got for a gag, not nail practice. – Perfect for what you needed. Looks like a real foot. Great price and quality

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