10 Beautiful Red & Burgundy Winter Flower Arrangement & Decoration Ideas For Christmas (2022)

red flowers on red envelope against white surface

Are you looking for the best red and burgundy Christmas floral arrangements ideas?

If it is for decorating the church or other public spaces then fabric or artifical flowers can be more durable and budget friendly. If natural flower is your preference, then you need to pay attention and choose flowers that keep the vivid color for longer. You can even go for a white or yellow theme but apply some burgundy color ribbons or decorations to add the festive vibe.

See The Wide Range Of Burgundy Color Flower Options Available For Winter!

This intense wine color theme looks elegant and warm as centerpieces for tables. It is the best color choice especially for a winter Christmas wedding ceremony.

Merry Christmas Red Flower Arrangements

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The poinsettia is often THE Christmas plant decoration and makes for a great traditional Christmas flower wreath and centerpiece pick. But if you are looking for an uncommon table decoration idea then try red roses instead of poinsettia to surprise your guests.

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Christmas Red Flowers For Christmas Tree

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https://burgundycolors.com/Burgundy, gold themed Christmas tree decoration is classic and will never go wrong. Once the main color palette is decided, still there are a lot of details and variations to make the design unique.

Dark Burgundy Winter Christmas Wedding Flowers

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This gorgeous burgundy bouquet is perfect for a Christmas or winter wedding. The deep reds of the real touch roses looks nice with pine cones, dark berries. If you want a softer tone instead of a classic wintry wedding bouquet arrangement then add pink roses or yellow chrysanthemum.

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