Best Thanksgiving Party & Fall Color Scheme: 10 Burgundy Table Setting & Decoration Ideas 2022

close up of wine and fruits

Fall invites all sorts of lovely colors on the spectrum of red to purple.

Burgundy color adds a warm and homey feeling, which is the perfect fall-inspired color theme to inspire your dinner tablescape this Thanksgiving.

Let this warm, rich color palette of the fall season and the autumn harvest guide you for the Thanksgiving preparation this year.

Burgundy Thanksgiving Table

Great autumn colors are shades of browns, oranges, yellows, and reds. Maroon, magentas, burgundies and plums all get their chance to shine on stage, and they look amazing together.

Burgundy Table Setting Wedding

Burgundy autumn wedding is the classic color scheme to go for. From traditional fall hues to minimalist neutrals, we’ve got you covered. There’s sure to be a tablesetting here for everyone.

Burgundy Tablescape

Your Thanksgiving decor or tablescapes don’t need to be exclusively coordinated around pumpkin-orange hues. That is as dull and boring as 2022 . Why not try something new?

Burgundy And White Table Decorations & Settings

You need a color theme for the turkey day. It will make the process of choosing Thanksgiving décor to the dessert menu to the invitations much easier and enjoyable. A party theme lets you plan memorable festivities that your guests will enjoy.

Pink And Burgundy Table Decorations & Settings

Thanksgiving party color themes add that extra touch of thoughtfulness and excitement to an otherwise ordinary holiday dinner. Pink and burgundy color is uncommon and refreshing!

Gold And Burgundy Table Decorations & Settings

The gold flatware adds a bit of festivity, while the dried florals bring a natural, laid-back touch to the burgundy table setting.

Silver And Burgundy Table Decorations & Settings

For a more traditional tablesetting, keep the linens and place settings minimal and add accents of burgundy color. It’s a fall color palette, yes, but with more sophistication and subtlety.

Navy And Burgundy Table Decorations & Settings

Red and blue sit opposite each other on the color wheel for a reason—they’re perfect complements. Pair the navy and burgundy shades for a bold take on traditional fall decor.

Burgundy Dessert Table

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey and endless food supply, of course…so it’s fine if your table simply reflects that sentiment. If you go for burgundy color theme dinner background, make sure to have matching food and desserts to complete the look.

Burgundy Dining Table

This is for the extreme party host, you will for sure get a lot of compliments for the uncommon setting and Thanksgiving surprise!

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