Ceiling Light Ideas: 57+ Burgundy & Dark Red Antique Chandelier Styles To Buy

photo of glass chandelier

Imagine hardwood floors in a Victorian house with romantic burgundy red antique chandeliers.

Yes you can have that luxury classic vibe for your new home too.

One of the reasons why chandeliers are so fascinating is that they have been around since about the 15th Century. Many individuals want to decorate their home in a period of time that is well before right now. You may be thinking you don’t know where to get your hands on them though. Yet many manufacturers make them resemble those from the past. You will be really happy when you see what options you have to choose from.

Victorian Red Crystal Chandelier / Red Glass Chandelier

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Can’t find anything interesting? You can always find some locations that allow you to custom order a particular burgundy Victorian antique chandelier. It can take several months though before your chandelier is ready. If you are unsure of the difference between vintage waterfall chandelier, French teardrop chandelier, Czechoslovakian, Italian or British antique chandeliers, you can take pictures of what you are after to help the communication.

☑️ Important Tips: You want to make sure that the antique chandelier you have is going to offer you enough lighting. They need to be used for that purpose instead of just being attractive. Otherwise, your ceiling will look strange with another light source hanging down. ==> Read this guide for more details.

Burgundy Antique Chandelier Floor Lamp

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You can expect to get plenty of compliments on your antique chandeliers if you place them in the living room. Chances are guests to your home will think you paid much more for them than you really did. They will also be impressed at the craftsmanship that is exhibited.

Burgundy Antique Chandelier Table Lamp

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You will find that the prices of antique chandeliers vary significantly according to the materials that are used in them (glass vs crystal vs plastic, silk vs fabric, brass vs aluminum). You can source them from a flea market or online from different marketplaces. You may be surprised to discover that in many instances the antique chandeliers you sourced in flea market aren‘t that much more expensive than the new versions of chandeliers on the market. Yet you will be able to place the rooms in your home into the time period you want to be reflected.

Burgundy Antique Farmhouse Chandelier

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If you have been struggling with some cost-effective ways to redecorate certain areas of your home or your business this could be it. Rustic farmhouse antique chandeliers can significantly change the focal points of the room they are placed in. Wrought iron chandeliers and second-hand brass chandelier will both look very nice in your farmhouse-style interior space.

Modern Small Red Chandelier

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